Emails have now become a source of communication. So, therefore, taking a look at the internet, it can easily be discovered that there are so many email service providers on the internet, one of which is Rediff. Rediffmail is a web-based email service developed by And the only way to access this platform anytime you want is through the Rediffmail login. However, this can only be accomplished when you have created an account on Rediffmail. Amazingly, the Rediffmail sign-up is totally free. And it is also very important to process before you can have access or be able to process the Rediffmail login.

Rediffmail Login - How to Sign in to Your Rediffmail Account

Rediffmail has about 95 million registered accounts. Therefore, you can join other users of Rediffmail in sending and receiving mails in as many Indian languages as possible on Microsoft windows. According to reports, Rediffmail is known to be one of India’s favorite email services. This means it is a very reliable and scalable email service. And you can also sign up for Rediffmail pro as an email service for your business. With Rediffmail pro, there is also 100% certainty that you are going to get the same reliability and scalability irrespective of how big your business is becoming. So, therefore, if you do not have a Rediffmail account. You should get one in order to enjoy its unique email features and have access to its Login.

Rediffmail Sign in

As mentioned earlier, you cannot process the Rediffmail Login without first processing the Rediffmail sign-up. Also, the Rediffmail sign-up gives you the freelance to access Rediffmail login anytime you want to access your Rediffmail account. Also, the login is as simple as other email services’ login processes. If you are still finding it difficult to process the Rediffmail sign in, here are simple steps below;

  • Visit the Rediff website @
  • Click on the Rediffmail icon at the top page of the website
  • At the top page of the redirected page, you would see the login section
  • Enter your username and password and click on the sign in button.

The sign-in button takes you directly to your account. And trust your login is totally secured. If you do not have a Rediffmail account, you can just click on the create a new account link to redirect to the sign-up page. However, if you want to save your login info on your device, you can just click on the keep me signed in button to save your login details to that device. But for security purposes, it is advisable not to avoid hacks and unauthorized logins.

Rediffmail Login Issue

One of the common problems that email users come across when trying to process their email account login is forgotten password or wrong password. However, the inability to provide the correct login details would disable your access to that account. Therefore, if you are trying to process your Rediffmail login and it doesn’t seem to be going through. Then you should check your password and try logging in again. If after confirming, it still isn’t going through. Then you should click on the forgot password. Provide the info required of you to change your password into something you can easily remember. And something no one else can guess to secure your account.