Record Skype Calls – How to Record Skype Calls | Skype Recorder

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Can I record Skype calls for free? Learn how to record Skype calls. Currently, the mobile phone allows you to record voice calls where you can share with friends even without an application. But there are certain applications that allow you to record a call that includes voice calls. Skype has a different perspective of voice call recording, whereby you can not record voice calls but also video calls and share them with the right people. Ten years ago, Skype added the Video call which allows you to interact with people in real-time.

Record Skype Calls - How to Record Skype Calls | Skype Recorder

Today, Skype introduces a new feature Skype recorder for call recording which allows you to capture every important moment while having audio or video calls with your loved ones. Where you can record an important conversation or meeting with your colleagues at work. First of all, the call recording is a complete cloud-based, therefore you don’t need to worry about space. Plus, it’s accessible to the latest version of the Skype app and web.

How to Make a Free Video Call Recorder for Skype

In case you’re wondering how does Skype call recording works. It’s very simple, with record Skype calls, you can create a record of your conversation or meetings while on call. In other words, you can start the free call recording while connecting with the Skype call on either the desktop or mobile devices. Here is how to make a free Video call recording:

  1. You can simply start a call recording from the desktop.
  2. Click the option “More options button” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Then, click Start recording.

To Record from the Mobile App:

  1. You can start the call recording from the mobile app,
  2. Then, tap the “More options button”.
  3. Finally, start recording.

That’s how to make a free video call recording from the desktop and the mobile app. Likewise, you can use the feature in group calls and a banner will appear on the screen letting people you’re connecting with that you’ve started recording the call.

How to Save Skype Call Recording

Once the call recording or record skype calls completes, the file will be posted to your chat is it stays for 30 days. This will give you the ability to save the recording to your file destination. To save a call on desktop or mobile app, you can use the following steps:

  • Open your chat or conversation.
  • Then, click More options button.
  • Select Save to Download.

Afterward, you’ve selected the option to save to your downloads folder, record Skype calls will be saved to the destination you selected. However, the call recording format will be saved as an MP4 file. Directly from the chat, can forward or share a Skype call recording to your respective group contacts.