Is ProtonMail free? Many email providers of recent are now developing a well secure email account just like Tutanota Mail. Coming to the table is the very own ProtonMail which is one of the well-secure email services based on Switzerland. Yes, ProtonMail is a free email provided that provided you with encrypted protection. in other to have a safer means of communication and keeping your email private. ProtonMail is one of the next-generation of one of the fastest email services which is built to provide a faster speed of communication.

ProtonMail - Protonmail Sign Up | ProtonMail App

Nevertheless, the platform designs with end-to-end encrypted email service designed. To help ensure that all your mailbox secure and the email privacy is unidentifiable by any third-party. Moreover, the email service’s well respected and actually located in Switzerland. Due to that, it’s trusted by the Swiss privacy laws to help protect all your files safe and secure. Also based on the fact that Gmail provides ad-based revenue, the email service allows scan through your email in other to showcase important ads online.

Features of the ProtonMail Email Service Provider

The exciting feature is that the service also has a mobile app that provides people with convenience and accessibility to access their mail anywhere, anytime. The feature of the service is integrated on the web and also the ProtonMail mobile app.

Swiss Privacy: (Date Security and Neutrality)

The email service provider is in conjunction with the government of Switzerland as well as other servers located in Switzerland. Therefore, the protection of user’s data is governed by strict Swiss privacy laws for you to be rest assured your data is safe.

End-to-End Encryption (Automatic Email Security)

Another security feature is the end-to-end encryption all you email which automatically secures all your file. In other words, nobody can decrypt the encryption to read your email or make them public even sharing them with third parties.

Anonymous Email (Protect Your Privacy)

Also, in terms of security, while setting up an email address, you don’t need to provide your personal information. By default, the platform ensures that your IP logs are not stored in the server which might be linked to your anonymous account.

Open Source (Free Secure Email)

The platform believes that the privacy of people or users should be the first priority, this is more reason why the ProtonMail code is an open-source and set up a basic account is free.

Another interesting feature of the Proton Mail is the modern design of the email page. Also, each folder is categories different for you to have better access to optimize your mailbox.

How to Install the Mail App to Create an Account

On the contrary, the platform is accessible on the web and on the mobile app. Therefore, you can install the application from the Google Play Store or the iTunes app store. Simply visit the web on the web browser.

  • Open the app you installed or click the link above.
  • Then click the Sign-Up icon to create an account.
  • Select an email plan.
  • Enter your username and set up a new ProtonMail email address.
  • Create a new password for your account and enter the same password again.
  • Next, enter a recovery email
  • Lastly, Create Account.

On the contrary, there are four types of email plans which include Free, Plus, Visionary, and Professional. However, from the signup page, check out the various plans and learn each benefit that comes with the plan.