As social media is a concern, they are more than thousands of dating site and most comes with free access while other requires payment. On the contrary, POF (Plenty of Fish) is an online dating service open to all users around the four corners of the earth to engage with singles online. Through the process, the POF login is a term performed by eligible users that already created an account that possesses the POF Login credential to access their account.

POF Login - POF Dating Login Online

While the platform is free to use, POF login allows you to able to perform every activity of the online platform. Whereby allowing you to communicate with people, find new friends, as well as read new messages. Also, when you log in on the platform, you can connect with over 88 million users on POF to interact together and do other activities like flirt & share things with each other. Nevertheless, the POF login process requires login credentials such as your username and password.

Procedures to log in your POF Online Dating Account

Just like it was mention above, whenever you logged into your POF account it gives you confidence that your account is well secure. Whereby you can see the last person that sent you messages before logging out of the platform. However, there are two means of logging into POF online dating services.

To Login on The Web

  • Go to
  • Then you will be redirected to the POF homepage
  • At the top of the page, you can click the “Sign in” icon.
  • Next, enter your username or mail address and password at the right hand of the page.

On POF App

  • Access your mobile phone and click on the POF app.
  • Then you can enter your login details which include:
  • Username or email
  • Password.

In summary, after you must have completed the following actions above, you can finally click “Check Mail!” to login and view your recent mail. Don’t have the app, you can simply visit your Google play store or iOS app store to download the POF application.

Can’t Access your POF (Plenty of Fish) Account

Perhaps, your account develops a minor experience which led to the process whereby you were unable to access your account. Maybe you don’t remember your account details like your password for instance. The best thing to do:

  • Go to the main POF homepage with the link above.
  • Then click Check Mail under the section where you can log in your account.
  • Next, click “Forgot Your Password” or Reset Password to regenerate new login credentials.

In conclusion, you need to submit an email address registered to the account you want to recover. Next, you will be sent a recovery code that is used to confirm your account. After that, you can set up a new password to login to your POF account.