Pinterest Marketing Strategy – How Do I Use Pinterest To Promote My Business | Pinterest Marketing Tips

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Pinterest happens to be a social media web and mobile application platform. It’s designed as a software system which provides convenient saving and discovery of information on the world wide web using images and, on a smaller scale, Gifs and videos. Pinterest marketing strategy is different from other platforms, to be successful on Pinterest it is important to know what distinguishes it from other social media channels.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy - How Do I Use Pinterest To Promote My Business | Pinterest Marketing Tips

For a start, interest is not a social network it’s a visual search engine, designed for discovery. People are not there to connect with others, they are actively looking for ideas or solutions over a wide range of subjects.

How Pinterest can be used for Marketing?

As a marketer, you can tap into this by anticipating the ideas and solution s your potential customers are looking for. Attract them by creating and publishing content on Pinterest that serves them the ideas and solution they crave, either organically or through paid advertising.

This brings us to another major difference and advantage of Pinterest marketing as compared to other platforms. Did you know that after running a paid advertising campaign on Pinterest, the pins you promoted during the campaign will stay on Pinterest and continue to drive traffic? in addition, organic pins have an extremely long life-span.  More and more businesses are marketing on Pinterest, according to eMarker, 31.9% of US marketers used Pinterest in 2018, up from 29.1% in 2017.

How to Build a successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

Before going into further detail, you should know that Pinterest is a long-term game that requires preparation, patience and strategic approach. It takes a while to get traction and conversions on Pinterest, especially if you only market organically. It is possible to speed things up a bit through paid advertising, but if you are looking for quick results, Pinterest is probably not for you! However, done right, it will send potentials customers to your site for months and years to come;

  • Pinterest business accounts & profile: first thing first, you want your Pinterest account to look on-brand. And that means you have to start by turning it into a business account. It’s free and easy to create or convert from a personal account.
  • Optimize your website: always make it very easy for your website visitors to pin from your pages. You have several options here. You can as well make options of Pinterest’s own save button or customize your own share button.
  • Be active: after optimizing your profile and website.
  • Analyze your work: lastly, analyze all of your hard work

Furthermore, you can use the following Pinterest marketing strategy tips to promote your business online. Also, creative ways in which you can advertise your blogging sites or other business products/brands.