There are so many social media platforms on the internet today. Pinterest is a unique photo-sharing social media platform where users can share an pin photo to their board. This is just like Instagram but with a different approach as users pin on Pinterest so as like on Instagram. Learn about the Pinterest login steps and how to sign in your account with Facebook.

Pinterest Login - Step to Pinterest Login with Facebook | Pinterest Sign in

This platform is not just limited to photos only, it deals with all-time media file as you can also pin photo and video to your board and get an awesome view of what a media social platform is like. Click on Pin It icon on your favourite media content you stumbled on an get them to your board.

How to Access Pinterest

If you are not yet registered on this platform you need to sign up to start making use of the Pin it features. If you already have an account you can make use of the below Pinterest login steps below to access your account. Most users who make use of Android or iOS device must have come across the app on their mobile phone. You can either access the platform using the app or by visiting the web platform which is the web address. The app is very flexible same as the web platform. Users who want to access their accounts can launch the app and complete the Pinterest login steps. You go through the below Pinterest login step below.

Pinterest Login Steps

This is a step by step guide to login to your account. Using the mobile app and visiting the platform via a web browser also give you access to the login page where you can log in to your account. Pinterest Login comprises of email and password which users will need to enter correctly on the login section. Below is how to login to your account.

  1. If you are using a web browser launch your browser or mobile app.
  2. Enter the web address as in the address bar section.
  3. Enter your Pinterest email you sign up with when signing up for an account.
  4. Enter your password in the password section to complete the login process.
  5. Click on login once you are sure you enter the right information in the login box.

By clicking on the login icon gives you access to complete the Pinterest login process. Once this is done you can start pining other users photos on your board. Please do not share your Pinterest login information with anyone so as to prevent unauthorised users access to your account.

Pinterest Login with Facebook

Facebook is not just a social media for sharing photos, liking a users posts, comment on a users status and lot more. This is also a secure platform that gives users access to other social media. But users have to connect their Pinterest account to their Facebook account. I have noticed that users can now log in to Pinterest with Facebook.

Pinterest Login With Facebook is quite easy this is for users who have a Facebook account. This is because every user possibly has a Facebook Account. In other to make the Pinterest login so easy it has two login options which is the Pinterest login with Facebook and the default login process above.