PayPal Password Requirements – PayPal Password

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Implementing extra security on your PayPal account is very important since the platform is an online payment service. There are lots of stories about scammers and other intruders that don’t have the right to access your account. Therefore, having a secure account or create a unique password is however important and actually keeps your account safe from scammers. Hence the PayPal password requirements are a guideline in creating a unique or strong password. When someone has access to your one password, they can easily have accessed your other account and transaction you link your PayPal account with.

PayPal Password Requirements - PayPal Password

This is more reason why most people fall under the categories of being scammed. Therefore, in other to improve the security of your PayPal account. creating a strong and unique password allows people to find it difficult you access your account. Plus, with the help of the PayPal password requirements, you can easily follow the format to create a unique and hard to get but easy to remember password.

Guidelines to Create a Unique PayPal Password

The major thing is that most people create a weak password which is easy for people to suggest. Most use their username, real name and or thing that they like. While others use the same password, they use across various websites which is not good. On PayPal, the service provides the best industry-standard technique to reassure that users are safe on the platform.

  • The password requires a character of 7 to 32 long.
  • Also, you need to mixt the letter together i.e. upper case, lower case, number, and also special characters.
  • Note the password must not contain only letters or only numbers due to that it not acceptable.
  • You can use a single quote or double quote or even add space to the password.
  • Using a successive password of the same pattern is not allowed you need to use another.
  • You cannot add your Merchant login name to your password.
  • Lastly, don’t share your share with anyone on any social media platform.

Once, you follow this guideline we provided above, be rest assured that your account will be safe and secure. However, you can go change your password right now if you feel in your account or password look insecure.

Guidelines on PayPal Pin Security

However, if you use the PayPal Mobile app and also PayPal point of sale with the use of the PIN. You also need to secure that as well just like your PayPal password. It’s very important that your PIN can’t be accessible across various sites. Therefore, the requirement of the PayPal Pin includes 4 to 8 numeric digits. Also, you need to use a longer PIN since longer PINs have more security potential that short PINs. Keep in mind, you don’t need to use trivial PINs such as 1111 or 2468. Also, don’t use your date of birth as your Pin.