Does PayPal work in Apple wallet and how can I add PayPal in the Apple wallet? On the contrary, PayPal is an electronic payment method that also acts as a digital wallet. For instance, most digital wallet like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and others requires an addition of a payment method to work like credit card or debit card. Likewise, for PayPal to operate you need to add your credit card or debit card. In other to be able to make payment online. Learn how to add PayPal in the Apple wallet so as to make payments from your iPhone or iPad.

PayPal in Apple Wallet - How to Add PayPal to Apple Pay
PayPal in Apple Wallet – How to Add PayPal to Apple Pay

Furthermore, PayPal and Apple Pay are both big names when it comes to online payment systems. But among the two platforms, PayPal stands out as the number one online payment system. That’s widely used across millions of online stores around the world. Adding your PayPal account to your Apple Pay allows you to be able to play for items with stores that operated with Apple Pay on your Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad.

How to Add my PayPal Account to Apple Pay

On the contrary, adding your PayPal account to your Apple Pay allows you to conveniently pay for items from the iOS in-store. Also pay for reservations, items and also more though the shopping bot chat. However, adding your PayPal account requires the iPhone or iPad and also your Apple ID.

  • First of all, connect your iPhone or iPad to a secure network.
  • Then, open your iPhone Setting and click on your name.
  • Click, iTunes & App Store and click on your Apple ID.
  • Next, click View Apple ID and sign in to your account.
  • Select, Payment Information and click PayPal.
  • Then, sign in to your PayPal account.

In addition, you can enter your email address and password to your PayPal account to add your account to the Apple Wallet. Afterward, you can follow the instruction on the screen page to authenticate and connect your PayPal account to Apple Wallet.

Can I Transfer PayPal Money to Apple Wallet?

Now that you’ve added PayPal account to Apple Wallet. You can start using your Apple Pay to make payments on apps in App Stores and also Music & TV shows in iTunes. On the contrary, there was a joint partnership with Apple PayPal where you’re able to add your PayPal to Apple Pay. The partnership between the two companies allows you to select PayPal as your mode of payment on iOS devices. If you won’t have enough money in your debit or credit card, your PayPal account balance actually over the expenses of payment.

Furthermore, the process of transfer money to your Apple Wallet isn’t necessary. Due to the fact that, directly from your PayPal account you can pay for items on your iOS devices and transaction will be deducted from your PayPal account.