How do I get a PayPal gift card? On the contrary, there are different modes of payment. The most widely used is the debit card, credit card, and also gift card. Currently, the Gift Card which is also known as eGift Card is practically one of the fastest and easiest ways to purchase items online. The biggest online transaction service offers a prepaid gift card which includes Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and others. On the other hand, the PayPal Gift Card is another mode of payment where you’re required to redeem.

PayPal Gift Card - PayPal Digital Gift Cards US

Nowadays transactions are been made online at a very faster rate. Within just a few seconds with the use of your credit or debit card, you can easily pay for items online. The special thing about PayPal includes the ability not to only buy or purchase items online. But also enjoy sending money to family & friends and receive money to your PayPal account. However, the PayPal Gift Card is the biggest section and since we know what gift card means.

Facts About the PayPal Gift Card

On the contrary, there is something you need to understand about PayPal Gift Card. Unlike most platform, which has a major card where people can redeem like the Amazon gift card and others. The platform doesn’t have a separate gift card but allows people to buy or purchase various gift cards from the PayPal gift card stores. In case you’re looking to purchase gift cards such as:

  • App Store & iTunes Gift Cards.
  • Google Play Gift Code.
  • Walmart eGift Card.
  • Target GiftCard and more.

Moreover, the store is clouded with hundreds of gift cards from different platforms. Therefore, you can visit if you want to buy a digital card through PayPal. The process to purchase the virtual card is simple. The instruction for you to purchase the items will be shown when you select a particular card you want to purchase.

How do I Exchange the PayPal gift card for Balance?

Yes, probably someone sent you a PayPal gift card and you want to redeem it to your PayPal account. Now PayPal has enabled people to exchange PayPal gift card in order for cash into their account through the use of the CardCash.

If you want to trade your gift card for money:

  • Go to the link
  • Afterward, you need to provide the merchant’s name
  • Enter the balance of the card and click Get Offer. “note in case an offer is available, the amount of PayPal balance you can trader for cash will be shown.
  • However, you can decide to add another card by clicking Add Card.
  • Next, you need to agree to the exchange offer and then click Continue.
  • Enter the card number as well as the PIN, then click Connect with PayPal.
  • After that, you can log in to your PayPal account.

Lastly, in other to complete the section, fill out the required fields displayed on the screen and then click Get my PayPal Balance. Right from there, you can check your account balance to see if it has been added. But keep in mind, it takes up to one business day in other to get hold of your cash.