How can I change my phone number on PayPal if I forget my password or how do I remove my phone number from the PayPal account settings? One thing you need to understand about PayPal change phone number is that there are two ways you can change your phone number. One is when you have forgotten your phone number login detail or you no longer use the phone number again and you want to change the number to the recent one you just got.

PayPal Change Phone Number - Change Phone Number on PayPal

On the contrary, your PayPal phone number is one of the important security things you need to consider. Some scammers with just your phone number, or email address they can easily access your account. Therefore, you can visit the PayPal help center which you can use to secure your PayPal account. PayPal change phone number is one of the accounts settings which allows you to change your old account phone number to a new one. Just like I mention, we will show you the two ways in which you can change your PayPal phone number.

How do I change my PayPal Account Phone Number?

This part of changing PayPal account phone number has to do with editing, adding, and removing a phone number from the PayPal account setting. Already, have your account login detail active, therefore, use the following steps for PayPal change password:

  • Go to
  • Log in to your PayPal account login credentials.
  • Access the setting gear icon from the page.
  • Under Phone, you can click the + icon to either edit, add or remove a phone number.

Since we are changing the phone number, all you need to do is once you click on the plus icon, add the number to change the other phone number. Finally, follow the remaining on-screen instructions, and then click Save or Save Change.

How do I Change my on PayPal Without Logging in?

In case you don’t have access to log in your PayPal account. probably you don’t’ have the phone number you use to register for the PayPal account. These following steps will show you how you can change your phone number.

  • First, access the login page by clicking the login icon.
  • Click the option, Having trouble logging in.
  • Then enter your Email address or phone number depending on the instruction.
  • Click next.

Afterward, follow the on-screen instruction which will be displayed on the screen for you to view. Keep in mind, if you haven’t verified your phone number, you will be asked to provide an email address to go on with the recovery.