Nowadays, the rate at which people send and transfer money people going to the bank is very high. But thanks to the use of third-party platforms, there are various ways you can send and receive money without even leaving your doorstep and one of them is PayPal. On the contrary, PayPal is currently one of the wide uses of money transactions where you can securely send money to friends & family, as well as make payments online. The PayPal Account Sign Up is actually the registration process where you need to create a transaction account in which you can use to make transactions online.

PayPal Account Sign Up - PayPal  Personal Account

In case you don’t know, PayPal is an American own company that operates an online transaction system that allows you to transfer money online and also serve other alternative measures of transactions such as paying for items and money orders. In other to join the community, the PayPal Account Sign Up is the first step that is required for you to enjoy the service. However, there are two accounts which you can open and that includes:

How to Sign Up for a Personal Account

The personal account is meant for everyone and currently, there are more than 267 million active users that use the personal account to pay online and also receive money. The interesting aspect is that Payment is well secured and safe across thousands of store online transactions.

To open a personal PayPal account:

  • Go to
  • Enter your Country/Region using the drop-down arrow.
  • Next, provide your Name, Middle name, and Last Name.
  • Then use a secure email address when providing your email address on the next option.
  • After that create a well secure password and you can view the password requirement to learn about a strong password.
  • Click Next.

Once you have completed the first section, next you need to fill out your address, city where you live in Date of birth, phone number. Then, lastly, agree to the Term & condition by clicking on the checkbox. Finally, click “Agree and Create Account, then you can decide to add your credit card.  

How to Set up a Business Transaction Account

The Business PayPal account is another category of the online transaction service. The fact about the Business account is that it secures your Credit and Visa debit payment card without deduction any monthly fee. Also, you can receive payment through online invoicing and PayPal checkout at a very faster rate. Above all, comes with a PayPal seller protection which actually protects the seller from any threat.

To create a business PayPal account:

  • Also, visit
  • Click Accept payment on the homepage.
  • Then click Get Started For Free.
  • Enter your email address and click Next.
  • Set up your password and confirm the password to ensure it matches.
  • Fill out your business information which includes;
  • First name and Last name
  • Business Name
  • Business Phone
  • Add your Business Street address
  • Enter your Postal code, City, and Province
  • Click the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Lastly, click Agree and Continue.

Keep in mind, there’s an advantage to signing up for the Business Account. Because it offers you no monthly free and also a percentage of 2.9% + 30 cents per on every transaction. Furthermore, the business account accepts different types of payment even while using just one PayPal account.