What are the basic steps in login into my PayPal account? On the contrary, whether it’s a PayPal business account or a Personal account. This is only one way in which you can sign in to your PayPal account. Therefore, this will be deliberating on steps to Paypal Account Login and also how you can have a secure account. Paypal Account Login is an authorization portal of the PayPal web and app. This allows you to provide an identification such as your Email address or mobile number linked to your PayPal account.

Paypal Account Login - Log in to your PayPal Account

Everyone can decide to go through the Paypal Account Login, but not everyone is able to access have to the platform. Unless you’re a member of the platform and your account is already registered to the server. That way you can be able to access login your account and perform your day-to-day transactions. Logging into your account is very important because when you have access to your account, you can be able to make online payments, view your transaction history, receive and send money, and also do other activities.

How do I Sign into my PayPal Account?

First of all, the sign in or login process is very simple. You need to be an eligible owner of any of the PayPal account either business or personal. However, the requirement for the Paypal Account Login includes your email address or number and password as mentioned above.

To log in on the web:

  • Go to www.paypal.com which is the direct link to the Paypal Account Login portal.
  • From the login page, enter your Email address or mobile number.
  • Click Next.
  • Enter your account password.
  • Lastly, click Log In.

On the mobile app:

  • Access the money app from your iOS or Android phones.
  • Click the login icon and provide your details.
  • Email address or phone number.
  • Password.
  • Lastly, click Log In.

Keep in mind that whether you want to log in using your PayPal personal account or PayPal business account. Through the following steps above, you can easily access your PayPal account within a few minutes and go on with your activities.

How do I Secure my PayPal Account Login Details

Security is very important when it comes to you dealing with online transactions. There are many fraudsters and online scammers ready to hack your account even without using your PayPal account login detail. There are certain security tips you can use to secure your login.

  • Don’t use keep me sign in any browser or even public computer, ensure you log out when you’re done.
  • This is another thing you need to understand about web browsers. Some web browsers like chrome sync your data through the email sign in to the chrome. Therefore, go to the chrome setting or any web browser setting. Click password under Autofill and under Saved Password, you can remove your account login details.
  • Your account password which includes the following (upper & lower case, numbers, and special characters).
  • Ensure that the web browser you’re using is will secure and also include a password to your computer or PC.
  • Don’t’ click any link you might see pop up while on your PayPal account or from an unknown source on your email account concerning PayPal.

Lastly, you can as well as set up the PayPal security key which provides a second option of authentication into your account like a two-step verification or one-time password. The security factor gives you more string option in security your PayPal account login.