Making payment outs your country has become so easy as all financial institutions now have limits access in which you can spend. The daily spending limits depending on your bank. I am more than happy to introduce Payoneer which is a payment alternative. Payoneer is considered as one of the top fastest means of sending and receiving money online. The online payment services offer a strict security feature to help protect users while making transactions online via the mobile app or web.

Payoneer - How to Use Payoneer to For Transaction | Login to Payoneer
Payoneer is a financial service that provides online money transfer. This is an international money transfer, prepaid debit card providers and registered member service providers of MasterCard. This is one of the best international payment systems. Payoneer Account holders can send and receive funds into their e-wallet or via a re-loadable debit MasterCard. The cards can be used to make payment at the point of purchase. You can make payment with your Payoneer MasterCard worldwide.

Why You Need Payoneer

The USD is been sold at a high price in the local market. Why most banks are taking advantage of and they now sell higher than the official CBN rate. You can get funds for your Payoneer account less than Bank official rate.

I have been using this service for over 4 years now. It’s reliable, trusted, and secure when it comes to payment. This is not a Nigeria company neither is it regulated by CBN “Central Bank of Nigeria”. It’s an American company headquarters in New York, NY United State.

How To Start Up With Payoneer – Payoneer Account

Payoneer is now the best payment option for Nigerians who want to spend more than the daily limit. You can try it out and see for your self as it’s a way better option as funding is low than the normal bank rate.

In other to make use of this service you have to set up an account with them. Signing up is free and open to all user as you can now get your card shipped to you for free.

The setup requirement is an email address and a valid government issue identification card. Well, you can sign up and get your card with out uploading your ID card but it’s best you upload your ID. This is to avoid freezing of funds in your account.

How To Apply And Get Payoneer MasterCard in for Free

As will all know this is a universal payment debit card that is used to receive and make payments from companies worldwide. Most people who have been applying for this card have been complaining of been rejected or probably not getting the card.

In other to get the Payoneer MasterCard I will with you some few tips and steps. The card is free but you will be charged a yearly payment of $29 for service charge. But you need to complete the Payoneer sign up and check if your account has been approved. Once your account is been approved you get the prepaid debit MasterCard shipped to your address you provided. Make sure that you enter your Address correctly.

How To Apply for Payoneer MasterCard

Visit and click on the signup icon on the home page. Fill in your details such as name, email, contact details Just to name a few. Make sure your name and address are entered just as it’s on your ID card. Set your security question and answer.

You can use an alternative shipping address which can be different from your residential address you provided. Take note of the address because that’s where your card will be shipped to. Click on the order icon to complete the process.

I do go to the post office to check to know if my card has arrived. You can check the closest post office to you Address you entered when signing up for Payoneer. Always follow up with the post office where Payoneer prepaid debit Mastercard will be posted to.

Login to Payoneer

One of the amazing aspect about Payoneer as to do with provision of dedicated platform that offers 24/7 transaction. Meaning that, with the Payoneer app and also on the web, you can login to Payoneer account to make transaction anywhere, anytime.