When I say old Facebook I don’t mean a new app Facebook just launched. All I am trying to refer to is the first Facebook created when Facebook was launched and all its old features that are no longer in use. Over the years Facebook, both the app and web version has witnessed a lot of changes. A lot of improvements and upgrades have been made. A lot of features has been scrapped out of the more improved look of Facebook. And a lot of new features have been introduced too to the new and more improved look of Facebook. Moreover, the new Facebook feature as changed the concept of the following, old Facebook account, Facebook account settings, old Facebook games, and old Facebook style

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Features like virtual gifts which used to be a feature of the old Facebook is no more. This feature is an early Facebook phenomenon where a user can actually buy virtual gifts to post on a user’s wall or timeline via Facebook credits. It was launched in 2007. It was also the first time users could actually spend real money on Facebook. Even though the service was generating money, the service was shut down on August 1st, 2010 and a program which allows users to send real tangible gifts was introduced.

There are so many features that made the old Facebook look stand out. Looking back just reminiscing at the good ‘ol days when facing was up and coming. Most users won’t understand what I am saying, only those that started using it when it started and later became available to the general public would understand.

Old Facebook Features That Are No Longer in Use

There are some features that are characteristics of the old Facebook, below are some of these features;

Wall to Wall

Unlike nowadays where we can actually find a conversation between two persons on a comment box. Back then during wall to wall, you actually have to go back and forth between two profiles to see what two people are talking about.

The Honesty Box

It is one of the early apps on Facebook. It is used to know what your friends really think about you. Launched in 2007 but has been since shut down.

Pirate Language

Facebook debuted pirate language as one of its language in 2008. Once activated your entire profile is translated to Pirate English.

Profiles with Hyperlinked Texts

Before the like button was, have you ever wondered what the platform look like. On your profile page just next to your profile picture was 10 additional fields. They include favorite TV shows, favorite music, favourite movies, favourite books, contact information, looking for, quotes and about me. The text profiles were killed in 2010 when the platform began prompting users to turn their interests and favorites into community pages.


With courses, a Facebook user who is also a student can select each course to take each semester based on your school course listings. It was also another way of knowing potential classmates. You can also buy and sell textbooks for a better deal than the campus bookstore.

Konami Code

If up down down left right left right B A actions were done on your keyboard on your Facebook screen a lens flare would be activated. Unfortunately, the code no longer works on Facebook.

There are a host of other features like a snowball fight and a food fight, bumper stickers, the wall, fans page, and so on. A notable difference between the old Facebook and apps and the new pages and apps is the comprehension level and size. The apps of nowadays seem to be bigger than the old ones.