What are the procedures need to sign up for OkCupid account? Or perhaps How do I sign up for OkCupid? As long as your question entitles about the OkCupid sign up, you can find out the required step that you need to create a new OkCupid account. In the meantime, OkCupid is an American-based online dating service and a social networking website. That allows you to answer multiple-choice questions for you to be able to match with someone of your preference.

OkCupid Sign Up - OkCupid Dating Account

Basically, the OkCupid operates mainly as an international online dating service. Whereby it provides the best dating features you deserve to instantly match up with the right soul mate. However, the platform makes use of the multiple-choice question to help suggest people that fit your preference. For you to get a match or share stories and others, the Okcupid sign up actually let you join. In other to enjoy the services OkCupid provides to members. The OkCupid sign up is the process where you get to fill out the registration form in other to create an account.

Is OkCupid Free

However, if you’re wondering if the OkCupid sign up is free or requires a payment option before getting started. It’s important that you know about most of the services before the OkCupid sign up. Unlike most online dating services, the only means in which you can get started with the services is by selecting a plan to create an account. Most online dating services will allow you to browse the platform without signing up so as to attract you in selecting a plan.

Furthermore, Yes, OkCupid sign up is free and you can select the Okcupid Basic plan in other to access the platform. The features that come with the free plan includes free instant messaging and view your mutual likes for free. But in other to access some features you need to upgrade to the Okcupid premium plans.

How to Sign up for OkCupid Dating Account

On the contrary, the OkCupid is designed so that users with free accounts won’t be hindered in access the platform on the site or the mobile app. Keep in mind, you can decide to upgrade to the paid features, but that doesn’t stop you from creating a free account.

To create an OkCupid dating account:

  • Simply, click the link www.okcupid.com/signup to automatically direct you to the sign up page.
  • Next, enter your email address and click Next.
  • Create a strong password of above 6 characters and add numbers as well.
  • Click the Sign up icon after creating your password.
  • Next, you need to prove that you’re human by clicking I’m not a robot and click Sign Up.

In summary, you need to wait until the registration process to complete and afterward, you can verify your account. Simply, go to the email account you provided either Gmail or Yahoo mail and click on the link sent to your inbox to verify your account. Finally, after verifying your account. Then, you can create your dating profile by adding your interest, profile picture, and personal information.