OkCupid Mobile – Okcupid Mobile Site | OkCupid Profile

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Nevertheless, there are only two platforms in which you can access the OkCupid free online dating services. This includes the use of the Desktop or PC and also the mobile phone. Hence, you can use the OkCupid official website to connect to the Desktop or PC and the OkCupid app is used on the smartphone. For that reason, the OkCupid mobile is the aspect where you get to use the OkCupid mobile app on your mobile phone like iOS or Android.

OkCupid Mobile - Okcupid Mobile Site | OkCupid Profile

On the contrary, the OkCupid mobile as great potential in matching you up with your potential mate. In other words, using the OkCupid app actually double the odds of you finding a date. The OkCupid mobile actually provides convenience whereby you can access account anywhere even in the toilet or bathroom or kitchen unlike using the PC. Also, besides the mobile app, you can also visit the official website using the mobile phone web browser. Here are some things you can do on the OkCupid smartphone  

How to Install the OkCupid Mobile App  

In the meantime, the OkCupid app is the best mobile version of meeting new people and also getting matched with potential mates. Also, you can search for millions of singles and also find matches based on what you actually like the most of what you love. However, the OkCupid mobile app is compatible with only Android and iOS devices.  

To download the OkCupid app on iOS: 

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to the internet. 
  • Locate the Apple App Store and click on it. 
  • Then, access the search box and type “OkCupid” 
  • Lastly, to download click the last button “Get”.  

To Download the OkCupid on Android: 

  • Also, connect your Android phone to the internet.  
  • Navigate the search box and type the word “OkCupid”. 
  • Even before completing the word, you will see the app on the suggested result and click on it.  
  • Then, click Install.  

That’s how you can download the OkCupid mobile app and for using the mobile web version, you can use the link m.okcupid.com on your web browser if you don’t have enough space to download the OkCupid app.  

How to use the OkCupid Free Online Dating App on Smartphone  

However, most people fee they can browse OkCupid without having to sign up for an account. You need to create an account before you can be able to get match with potential people, share passions and also tell stories using the features provided.  

To Create Your Account 

  • Click the option Join OkCupid.  
  • Enter your email address and click Next. 
  • Then create your password which requires 6 characters minimum and click Sign Up.  

To Sign in to OkCupid

  • Click the Sign in icon.  
  • Then enter your email address and password.  
  • Lastly, click Next.  

In addition, you can also login with your phone number or log in with your Facebook account to access the platform. After following the step, then can you be able to find your matches and also use the chatbox to communicate with friends,