Is OkCupid the best dating site to join? Nevertheless, there are thousands of online dating services such as OkCupid, POF, eHaromny Zoosk,, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel and lots more to build relationships. But when talking about the best online dating site, OkCupid dating service, appears as one of the top best 5 online dating sites you can join to hook up with your perfect match through the enhanced multiple-choice questions. However, the OkCupid is a friendly international online dating service and also a social networking site that allows you to meet your soul mate or build up a good relationship/friendship.

OkCupid Dating - Free Online Dating | OkCupid Sign In

Furthermore, the OkCupid is known as an American dating service and it’s widely accessible to over 50 countries in Europe, North America, South America, and Africa. The online dating services allow you to create a free account and then access the multiple-choice question features. So as to get a match with other members, and also use the chat feature in other to communicate with members. Another exciting feature is that you can see who likes you for free, unlike most websites where you have to pay.

How to Join the OkCupid Free Online Dating Site

First of all, OkCupid offers you two services plan which includes the basic feature and the premium features. For you to create a free account, you need to option of the basic features. While if you want to upgrade to the advanced feature, you can go for the premium features. But, the first stage is creating a free account and afterward, you can decide to upgrade if you want.

To join the free OkCupid dating site:

  • Go to on your web browser.
  • Scroll down and click Join OkCupid.
  • Then enter your email address and click Next.
  • Create a strong password of more than 6 characters.
  • Click the checkbox to prove you’re human and click Sign up.

Afterward, you can verify your account by visiting your email account on another tab. Then, you will receive a code or link to verify your account. Finally, after verifying your account, create your dating profile and add your personal details so that you will be able to match with people.

Is OkCupid Safe for Serious Relationships?

As a matter of fact, all online dating websites are actually not safe for serious relationships. The best serious relationship you can have if you see the people in real life and not just messaging. However, in other, for users to stay safe, OkCupid provides dating safety tips for you to follow in order to stay safe and secure while being on the platform.

Online Safety

  • Don’t share your financial information or send/transfer money to anyone that asks you for it.
  • Make your personal information private and protected such as your social security number, work or home address and others.
  • Stay on the platform to get to know the people, others will want to have conversation out the platform using other messaging apps.

Sexual Health & Consent

  • Also, you need to protect yourself sexually from transmitted diseases.
  • Likewise, you need to let the people known about your health status.

However, there are other bits of knowledge you can apply yourself. In other to ensure that your protection of the platform is not only guaranteed by the platform. But also you to ensure your safety.