OkCupid App – OkCupid Dating Apps | OkCupid Mobile

Is the OkCupid app free and how can I download the OkCupid app on the mobile phone? On the contrary, OkCupid is a free online dating service that actually brings out the potential dating deserves. Majorly, many people only think OkCupid is best for checking out photos. But the free online dating services is far beyond just a photo, the platform provides you with a tool to tell your stories and also share your passion with friends. The OkCupid app provides an easy platform where you can be able to tell stores, share passion and also talk about things to create a funny and interactive atmosphere.

OkCupid App - OkCupid Dating Apps | OkCupid Mobile

In the meantime, the OkCupid dating is considered by many as one of the best dating apps for the mobile phone that supports devices such as iOS and Android phones. The dating app is the best place to meet new people on various occasions like Valentine’s Day, Lover Day, Christmas Day and lots more. However, using the OkCupid app provides you with an easy search tool. In other to find singles or matches based on your personality and also what you love near you.

Is the OkCupid App Free?

On the contrary, I have come across some online dating app that requires you to first of all purchase the application in other to be able to create an account or access the platform. But OkCupid is quite different from various dating app. However, the answer to the question is OkCupid dating app free, Yes! OkCupid has a free dating app that actually supports Android and iOS devices.

Likewise, creating an OkCupid dating account, you can opt for the basic account. That provides you with free messaging and other free features as well. But you can also decide to opt-in the premium feature in other to open more dating features. At the same time, the platform also designed the site & app so that users will able to able to create a free account.

How to Download the Free Dating App

As I mention, the only devices compatible with the OkCupid dating app include Android and iOS devices. Therefore, without wasting much time, you can simply connect your devices to an internet source to be able to download the app on your devices.

To download the OkCupid app on iOS:

  • Open the either your iPhone or iPad.
  • Locate the Apple App Store and click on the app.
  • Click the search box and type the world “OkCupid”
  • Then, click Install or Get.

To download the OkCupid on Android:

  • Likewise, use your Android device, open the Google Play Store.
  • Search for the application using the same keyword ‘OkCupid”.
  • Click the search result and also click Install.

However, the download process might take a few minutes or less than a few minutes depending on the networking carrier you’re using. Finally, after installing, you can click the Login icon to sign in to the OkCupid account. Using either the email address, phone number or even your Facebook account. Likewise, you can also create an account directly from the OkCupid app on your device.