Google Contacts – Migrate Google Contacts to Office 365
Google contact which is also referred to as Gmail contact, is an important part of Google mail platform. It enables Gmail account owners to send messages, documents, pictures, videos, and other important items. This is without having to rewrite out the person’s name or email address. Google mail is an online webmail platform as it deals mainly with the sending of electronic mails. Google is now one of the best of it kind, since the makers enabled Google account owners to access all their services with just one account which Gmail account.

Migrate Google Contacts to Office 365 - Migrate Email and Contacts to Office 365

It is very important that you save up contact info on your Google account. This is just like you do on your mobile phone or tablet. Just imagine you have a long list of business contact you on your Google account you can Migrate Google Contacts to Office 365. Migrate Google Contacts to Office 365 is quite essential, because of the office 365 program ability to store your contact. Office 365 program also perform several other important and necessary actions like, grouping contact, accessing email offline and so many other office functions.

Why Migrate Google Contacts to Office 365

There are several important reasons to Migrate Google Contacts to Office 365. I am going to talk on the most important reasons and all other reasons I know. The reasons why you need to migrate Google contacts to office 365 are as follows:

  • The first reason is simply to store your contact for other purposes
  • Office 365 serves has a backup program for storing your contact  in a situation when you cannot access your Gmail account
  • It enables you to group your contact the way you want, like separating business contact from other contacts
  • It makes carrying out some office duties easier, since the office 365 program deals mainly with office duties.
  • Migrate Google Contacts to Office 365 is another way to backup your contact on office 365.

Office 365 programs, is an online program and, preferred to other program of its kind since it is a program that goes the extra mile for it users and enables users to achieve excellence in a simple and better way.

How to Migrate Google Contacts to Office 365

Several factors has been explained now coming to the main reason for this article, how to migrate Google contact to office 365. I will say it is an easy task to accomplish. Steps towards how to Migrate Google Contacts to Office 365. are as follows:

  • First open your Gmail account and then click the mail icon at the top left side of the computer screen and then click contacts
  • Select the more icon at the top of the contact list and then click export
  • Click all contact and then click outlook CSV format and then click the export icon
  • Give the contact list a name and then click save

With this steps your work has been exported but not yet done as you still need to import your contact to Migrate Google Contacts to Office 365  so next you:

  • Open the office 365 program and then click the people icon 
  • Open your mail box
  • Click the manage icon at the top of the screen and then click import
  • A side bar would be opened for you to select where you would like to import from, then choose Gmail
  • Instructions on how to import from Gmail would be stated, but since we have carried out all the instructions you just have to click browse
  • Click the saved contact, click open and then click on upload icon at the top of the computer screen

It will take awhile to upload. After uploading, it will show you how many contacts where imported, then click cancel at the top of the screen to leave that page and then you will see all your contacts. So that is how you
how to Migrate Google Contacts to Office 365.