Mexicowap – Download Free Mp3 & Videos |

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The Mexicowap is an international free downloading website that can be accessed anywhere around the world. Aside from that fact that the name starts with Mexico doesn’t mean other countries won’t be able to access the web platform. In the meantime, the Mexicowap website is actually one of the best free mobile downloading sites for downloading files like Games, Videos, Themes, Photos, and also Apps. Currently, Mexicowap is not connected to the internet server anymore because the platform has been discontinued from the internet.

Mexicowap - Download Free Mp3 & Videos |

On the contrary, the free website is now unified under Waptrick, meaning that activities or direction to the main URL will be forwarded to the new Interface called Waptrick. Moreover, the new interface has been made earlier for downloading digital files. Whatever entertaining content you choose to have on your mobile phone can be gotten from the website. Mexicowap was initially designed from smartphone devices where you can access and play lots of variety of games on a lower smartphone version.  

The New Interface of the Website and Features  

The fascinating thing about the new homepage of the website is that you don’t need to sign up, log in or even pay for downloading content. Also, the structure of the website is designed with different categories of content in which you can easily navigate the particular content you wish to find or download. However, in the new Mexicowap website, there are lots amazing content categories in the following: 

  • Videos: download free short video clips, funny videos, and music videos. 
  • Photos & Pictures: get access to thousands of background images, photos and also wallpaper to decorate the home screen of your devices.  
  • Themes: also, the website gives you access to professional themes you can make use of on your phone.  
  • Games: free downloadable games for your android phone and also you can get Java games for Symbian phone.  
  • Application: this also provides you with free categories of application for your PC and mobile phone.  

On the contrary, there are still more features of content and one of the interesting features is VIDEOVAK. Moreover, the feature was recently added to the new interact that allows people to search and watch their favorite Tv series online for free without signing up or paying. 

How to Download Mexicowap Free Games, Apps, Videos 

In the meantime, these are the most popular searched content many users look for. But aside for that, you can have your own preference of content you wish to download. Just apply the same step as well in downloading content.  

  • Just go to your web browser and type  
  • This will direct or forward you to the new interface  
  • Select the feature either Games, Apps or Videos.  
  • Then select, another option of category.  
  • Next, you can select the image content.  
  • The last stage includes clicking the icon Download.  

That’s all! As you can see the process is simple and straight in downloading files on Mexicowap or In conclusion, we also have other websites that are linked to the new interface, probably, you must have come across it on our website.