Messenger Chat – How to access Messenger Chat | Messenger Chat Features

How can I access Messenger Chat? There are several released features on Facebook have been always to connect people with millions of topics from around the world. Over the years, Facebook has been introducing new features every month which include the Facebook avatar, Manage Activity, and now the Messenger chat. In the meantime, the release of the Messenger Room is dedicated to helping people communicate in real-time. Messenger chat is similar to the Yahoo Chat Rooms or the Yahoo Messenger Chat Rooms. The Messenger chat app comes with a room chat and is also integrated with rooms for groups. The Messenger room integration of communicating features allows you to chat with people in the Philippines and other countries.

Messenger Chat – How to access Messenger Chat | Messenger Chat Features

Over the years, Facebook has felt the need for a VoIP or a real-time video application where you can communicate with thousands of your friends in one place. According to the reports, there are over 700 million accounts that make a video call daily between WhatsApp and Messenger. As a matter of fact, in most countries, the Messenger video call and WhatsApp video call has more engagement or view than that of Facebook Live and Instagram Live video,

Features of the Messenger Chat

The platform makes the conversation much earlier. Where you can host and join a video call with friends. The feature seems to have the same similarity with Facebook chat rooms but from a different kind of perspective. Here are some of the features:

  • Quick Start: directly from your mobile phone across various devices, you can easily start a chat.
  • Stickers, Emojis, and GIFS: this is one of the messaging features where you can add a silly sticker, dancing GIF, and lots more to friends.
  • Photos & Videos: the Messenger Room is integrated with a camera where you can share your happy moment.
  • Groups: the platform allows you to create polls, share locations, and lots more with your friends.

Also, the Voice & Video call is an important feature that allows you to hang out with friends. As well as, families, colleagues, and other relationships across various devices. It also enables you to make payments and other activities on the platform.

How to Use the Messenger Rooms

Messenger Chat is a video chatting platform where you can make use of link sharing. In other to communicate with people. The amazing aspect of its features is that visitors who visited the chat room don’t need to download, login, or connect to the its app before they can join the call.

  • Go to the Messenger App on your mobile phone.
  • Then, log in to your account if you want to host a chat room.
  • Next, click on the People icon and select Create a Room.
  • Then, you can share like to people you want to invite.

Also, you can set up or control who can join using the room settings option. Using the edit option you can share like to people that are not on Facebook or only people that are on Facebook.