Make Avatar Facebook, are you a lover of emojis both on Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook just joined the league where you can create an avatar on the platform for free. Moreover, users can create an avatar on Facebook just like Snapchat Bitmoji. To create a personalized character called an avatar that looks like yourself including every bit of detail on your body. This feature is a new update that Facebook as made available in some European countries and the U.S. Also, the avatar maker is available for every user ready to create an avatar look of themselves.

Make Avatar Facebook – Create Your Own Facebook Avatar Free | Facebook Avatar Creator

To create an avatar, you must have a registered account with the platform and you can now proceed to create an avatar on its creator app. However, the creator app is the normal Mobile app users chat with. The app is available on various app stores such as Android, and iPhone app stores respectively. Also, the feature is available on Desktop computers and iPad for use but you can create an avatar emoji from this device. After creating your avatar on its app then you can now use them on another device and Facebook web.

How do you Create an Avatar on Facebook?

To create an avatar on Facebook is very easy and simple once you have an account. However, for users that don’t have a Facebook account or can’t remember their login details. Can easily Sign up from the Facebook Mobile app. Also, after creating an avatar you can easily share them with your friends on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Here are a few steps on how to make an avatar; 

  • Open your Facebook App on your Mobile device. 
  • At the homepage tap on the Menu with three lines icon which could be on the lower right corner for iPhone. Also, in the upper right corner for Android.
  • the next page users need to scroll down and tap to see more.
  • Select avatars and tap next to Get started.
  • Select your preferred skin tone in which 27 options are available and tap next.
  • You will need to choose your type of hairstyle for your avatar which could be short, medium, or long. And color for the hair.
  • Then create your Avatar face icon, eye icon and also add glasses if necessary. Then your body and also Mark icon at the upper right corner. The Tap is Next and then Done.

Why can’t I Create an Avatar?

With the newly featured Facebook update which is the avatar that allows you to create a personalized avatar of yourself. However, the features are just available in some selected European countries and the U.S. Which the functionality is not available around in some countries. This might affect some users not to be able to make an avatar.

Facebook avatar creator is a new feature that will allow users to comment on a post or messenger news feed with the personalized cartoon character created. However, you need to make sure the Facebook creator app you are using is a newly updated one.