Locate My iPhone – Locate my Missing iPhone | Find My iPhone

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How can I locate my iPhone? Whether your iPhone or any other Apple device is missing, a method is been implemented by the developer of the smartphone where you can trail the location where your device is currently is right now. It’s through the use of the Find My iPhone and the Find My app that you can be able to trail down to the approximate location that your device is connected. For instance, the application is more like a GPS implanted on your devices which immediately activates where you go through the process of locating my iPhone.

Locate My iPhone -  Locate my Missing iPhone | Find My iPhone

The following application indicated above is owned by Apple and only works with Apple devices. Keep in mind, without setting up the application before the incident occur where you lost your devices. Performing the procedure in locating your Apple devices will not be successive. Therefore, it’s recommended, that Apple users should turn on the application before your devices is stolen. So that you can use the application on another Apple device to locate my iPhone. 

Find My iPhone – How to Find your Missing iPhone

The Find My iPhone app is one of the services where you can get to trail the location of your missing devices. However, Find My iPhone operates well with older versions of the iOS operating systems which as to do with iOS 8 through 12.

To locate your iPhone using Find My iPhone:

  • Open the application with another person’s devices.
  • Then click Device on the option provided.
  • Select your missing iPhone and you can get direction.

Using the Map provided, you can zoom in and out to approximately find the area where your device is right now. In case you discover it’s within a close range, then you can use the feature Play a sound to create a disturbing sound that even when muted, you can still hear it.

Find My App – How to Locate my Missing iPhone

First of all, it doesn’t matter if it’s your iPhone device you lost, the application is designed to find all Apple devices including the AirPods as well. Back to Find My app, this application is an upgrade of the Find My iPhone for iOS 13 and above. The application is integrated with two mobile tracking application which includes Find My iPhone and Find My Friends.

In addition, you don’t need to install or download the application and the procedure in locating your devices is the same thing with the ones on Find My iPhone. Plus, you can use an alternative method of finding your missing iPhone through the use of the iCloud platform. Simply, visit the link www.icloud.com and follow the instruction which will lead to where you will also find the two applications.