Learn with Facebook – Facebook Online Course | Facebook Learning

Recently, Facebook has been on the verge to train 1 million US business owners and provide more people with the digital skills that are needed to compete with other competitors in the modern workplace. With this, Facebook is equipping people with new tools and recourses to help people access new career opportunities. Therefore, launched the Learn with Facebook platforms that are known as a career development site that offers business owners different tools to level up in the world digital workforce by providing an introduction to both hard and soft skills.

Learn with Facebook - Facebook Online Course | Facebook Learning

Learn with Facebook is more like a course development program that offers you a range of quick and free online courses in digital marketing, career-focused skills for people to get started with a wide range from job seekers to professionals. However, Learn with Facebook offers you various lessons which include “Ace Your Interview”, “Manage Your Content Marketing” which are all free to access. Being on the platform provide people with flexible online learning and developed careers through experts.

Learn with Facebook – Features of the Free Online Course on Facebook

On the contrary, Learn with Facebook features case studies, insider tips and resource from industry experts to help build up your career.  There are two features which include the Browse lessons and the Resources to get started. Under each of the feature you can see:

Browse Lessons

  • Digital Marketing- this offers you the opportunity to learn the basics of business benefits on social media, how to choose the right social channel, steps on how companies use social media and with 4 lessons to get started.
  • Your Career- You can kickstart your career on how to write a more effective resume and how to be ready on interview day with 2 lessons.


  • Job Roles- Facebook offers you job opportunities to apply for in various roles like account manager, digital marketing, and more.
  • Subjects- You can now to start up a career with subjects like analytics, coding, content marketing and more.

Note that each category is furtherly divided into various pat where we have under Digital marketing: get started and go further. While Your career: getting hired and excel at work.

Learn with Facebook – Benefits of the Online Course and How to Sign up

Basically, when you enroll in the Learn with Facebook programs it offers you professional skills which are applicable to the modern workplace and developed with employers. Plus, bite-sixes lessons which allow you to control your learning activities of what, when, and where you learn.

For you to sign up for the program go to www.learn.fb.com which is the link. Scroll down where you see the “Sign Me Up” button click on it. Next, you can sign up with your email address or phone number or even with your Facebook account. Once you have completed the signup process you can now get started with various Learn with Facebook courses online.