Konga – Nigeria’s Largest Online Shopping Mall

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People love to buy items and products with ease without wasting of energy to go to stores. They have brought up question on how to shop for items online. Well, the solution to this is with the use of konga.com.


Konga is a web platform which serves as a mall where its users get to buy and sell goods. Konga.com is the largest web platform which deals with buying and selling of goods in Nigeria. The founding date of the platform is July 2012 and its headquarters is in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Konga.com serves as an online shopping mall where users get to put their new products for sale to existing and wanting buyers. It provides a means through which users can carry out shopping of items with the use of the internet with your mobile device or PC.

Features Of Konga.com

konga.com make it possible for users who want sell items to easily carry out the sign-up process to their seller HQ. The seller also gets to use Konga Seller Academy where they get knowledge and tips on how to make sales of a product.

On the main page of the web platform, users can buy items they are in search of by clicking on the menu section in which the item in search is on.

Konga.com also has a different section that users can access from it with the name Konga daily. Konga daily is a section where its users get to shop for household items which they use on daily basis. Users can access this section by simply clicking on the Konga daily icon in the upper left part of the web portal.

Buying of items on konga.com is easy, users just have to select the item of their choice to buy, then add the items to cart, proceed to checkout to make payments. The user will then have to login into his/her accounts in Konga. If you don’t have an account with them you’ll have to sign up with them. After making payments the platform will deliver the goods to the address you gave them successfully.

Menu Sections Of Konga.com

Konga.com has made it possible for its users to navigate on its website easily. The amazing menu sections found in the konga.com web platform are.

  • Phones & Tablets.
  • Computer & Accessories.
  • Electronics.
  • Konga Fashion.
  • Home & Kitchen.
  • Baby, Kids & Toys.
  • Other Categories.

Phones & Tablets

In this category in the main section, users can buy mobile phones & tablets. Accessories for phones & tablets can also be gotten in this section. Users can shop for the device of their choice by clicking on the shop by OS or price and also Top Brands.

Computer & Accessories

Laptops, projectors, gaming CD’s and consoles and Desktop & Monitors can be gotten under this section. Their respective accessories are also in this section.

Office & school supplies and computer software can also be gotten from this section in the main menu categories.


Users can get electronic appliances from this section. The devices that are in this section are; televisions, DVD players, cameras, musical instruments & equipment along with their respective accessories.

Home theatres & audio systems, games and consoles and movies can also be gotten in this section.

Konga Fashion

Users can get clothing and fashion wear, from this section. Men and women wear and accessories are in this category in the main menu.

Users can get deluxe fashion wears and watches from this section. Users can use the style finder for men and women to get the item o their choice. Fat users can check the plus size section under this category to get the clothes and accessories of their choice to wear.

Home & Kitchen

Users can get appliances of different sizes from this section. Large appliances such as gas cookers, fans, freezers and many others. Small appliances such as hot plates, irons, electric kettles and many others.

Users can get home furnishing equipment in this section. Users can get hand tools and other home accessories from this section also.

Baby, Kids & Toys

Baby, maternity, young boys & girls wears can be gotten from this section. Users can get School wears and accessories from this category.

Toys & Activities for kids can be gotten from this section also. Users can buy baby diapers, bedding, decors and daycares in this section.

Other Categories

Items for sports & fitness, beauty, health and personal care can be gotten from this section. Books & stationeries, generators & power solutions, gifts and automotive tools items are located in this section.

Lifestyle & services, drinks & groceries, and building & industrial machines are also located in this section. Users can also acquire gifts for loved ones on special days by checking this section.