Kindle Cloud Reader is an Amazon web app that gives users access to read Kindle books in any browser. However, this app can be used on any mobile or desktop device you have. If you have created an Amazon account in the past, you will be offered their book catalog for free in the sense that an amazon account gives you then access to thousands of biographies, self-help, fiction, and some other books from different genres.

Kindle Cloud Reader - How to Read Kindle Books with Kindle Cloud Reader

However, with this Kindle Cloud Reader, you can read anytime, anywhere, and on any device. All it requires is for you to create an Amazon account, so after creating the account then you are set to use Amazon Cloud Reader. Also. On the Amazon Cloud Reader app, there is an interface that is equivalent to devoted kindle apps such like Amazon kindle and Kindle app for PC so be expectant of seeing books that have been down-sized to your likings.

Little Fact About Kindle Cloud Reader

Most importantly, Kindle Cloud Reader is not a mobile or desktop application. But it is a web application that was launched years before launching any other Amazon application. However, this Amazon Cloud Reader web application can be used from anywhere all over the globe, together with those that are a part of restricted Kindle Stores.

What has been stated above simply means your amazon account can be accessed through the search engine you want. With any web browser, you can access your account using any Kindle Store. It might be a browser on your Mobile phone Computer or tablet. All you have to do is to add your personal document from any Kindle app, device or email that is connected. This comprises getting files from the Kindle cloud and send it to the app.

How to Access Kindle Books

The minute you launch the Amazon Cloud Reader app, it shows the books you’ve bought from the Kindle store. On the general categories page which comprises Top 100 Free Kindle Titles, Free Popular Classics and Free Samples. All you have to do is to click on the book you purchased to go to it’s starting page. On these categories, Information about the book will be shown such like the book author and price which will be written in $0.00 format.

If you are ready to purchase, click on the green icon which say “Deliver To” on the icon so this will need you to send the books you’ve purchased from the Kindle Store to the Kindle Cloud Reader. For books that users can access for free on the Amazon Cloud Reader website, you still have to click the “Buy Button”.

How to Read Kindle Books with Amazon Cloud Reader

To read Amazon books you’ve purchased in bookstore Using the Kindle Cloud Reader, follow the steps that will be listed below

  1. Lend a book and transfer it to your Amazon Account
  2. Enter to open the Kindle Cloud Reader.
  3. Sign in to your Amazon account and your Kindle Library will display instantly to the main page
  4. Select a book to start reading

Note that; Kindle Books are currently available for U.S libraries only