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When it comes to the aspect of looking for free-content (pictures, images, videos, themes, or music) the internet is the number place to go too. A website like has more and more free content for you to check on. With the help of free downloading sites within a few seconds, you can actually get what you want and is one of those free downloading websites. In the meantime, Ketomob is actually a free online downloading portal that provides a platform where contents which are acquired be purchase are accessed or downloaded for free. However, Ketomob is a huge free downloading site but is underlined with Waptrick.

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Ketomob is an acquisition of Waptrick, making all the direct info or contents from the platform to the new ownership. For that reason, while trying to accessing the main website, you will be redirected to Waptrick. However, the website is an entertaining platform, that deals with different sections or offers different sections of entertainment as well as contents. While being on the platform, you can enjoy unlimited stream downloads of content. Hence, you can view some of the contents that are offered on the Ketomob web platform.

Available Contents for Download on Ketomob

Majorly, Ketomob focuses on four major content, and each of the contents is then categorized into different aspects. Moreover, all the site is all about is a free download, and the video is just short clips and cones in high-quality content. Here are the four major content on free download:

  • Games: allows you to download a free game app such as arcade, actions, racing, and others on your android devices. You can even get the latest game app, java games and also top games app.
  •  Video: another aspect is videos, actually the platform doesn’t offer fill video or movie clip but short videos in supper, low, and high quality.
  • Themes: download creative artwork to your android phone, and under the contents comes the Animal, Celebrities, Landscapes, themes.
  • Photo & Wallpapers: from the website, you can access free thousand of wallpapers and phot to decorate your social account or even your android home screen.

Notwithstanding, you can directly view the following contents from the homepage and even to make things better for visitors. Once you’ve bee redirect to the main site, you can also check out other contents like Animations, Applications, Horoscope, and more.

How to use the Categories to Download on

On the contrary, the contents above appear as a search feature aside from the main search engine. With the categories of contents, you can easily navigate the particular music or videos you are actually looking for. To do that:

  • Go to
  • Then you will be redirected to Waptrick.
  • Use the categories to search or type.
  • Click on the particular section of the video or any other.
  • Select the quality of the contents
  • Then start downloading.

That’s, keep in mind, there is also another website like, Zamob, Zonkewap, and others are acquitted by Waptrick. However, you can also change the language setting to your won beneficial language you understand others.