KCC Loans – Apply For Kisan Credit Card Loans | KCC Loan Online

KCC which is popularly known as the Kisan Credit Card scheme is a credit scheme that was made public by the Indian banks in august 1998. The KCC has a short-term credit limit for crops and term loans. KCC credit holders are under the covers of personal accident insurance up to 50,000 for death and permanent disability and up to $25,000 for other risks.

KCC Loans - Apply For Kisan Credit Card Loans | KCC Loan Online

KCC loan is the loan that is given out to individuals to sort out their emergency. Most times farmers suffer losses, as there tends to be disease spread and most of their crops could even be affected, but there is hope for them as the KCC scheme introduces KCC loans to us. Now we don’t have to fright out in any situation as there is a KCC loan that stands against death and even permanent disability. KCC loan also offers short-term loans to farmers at a low interest of 4%.

Who is Eligible For KCC Loans?

To get qualified for the KCC loans, applicants must have a production credit of Rs. 5,000 or more to become eligible. The KCC loan is available for crop production, non-farm activities, or other allied undertakings. The farmers must show proof of their identity and address before they can get the Kisan credit card.

Can I Apply For KCC Loans Online?

You can apply for the KCC loans online and all you need to do is follow the instructions below.

  • Visit the homepage and click on the download KCC Form tab
  • The PDF form for the KCC application form will be shown
  • Print the application form
  • Fill the required detail in the application form
  • Put in all the necessary and needed paperwork and visit the bank you want to borrow a KCC loan from.

Benefits of KCC Loans

The benefit of a KCC loan is KCC holders are covered from financial losses of up to Rs 50,000 against death, permanent total disability, and loss of limbs or eyes. KCC loans borrowers just have to pay a premium of Rs. 15 for single-year terms and conditions and Rs.

What is The Rule of KCC Loan?

Some rules govern every firm that does the business of lending money to individuals and a KCC loan is not an exception. KCC offers short terms loans to the farmer at an interest rate of 4% on the condition of due payment. Interest is charged according to the government-run state bank of India, and the interest rate is just 3% that is applicable if the individual or farmer pays on time, which means banks will only charge interest on the loan at a simple interest rate.

How Do I Withdraw Money From KCC?

To withdraw money from KCC Loan is very simple, as farmers can withdraw cash up to the credit limit that is given to them by the bank. You can withdraw the money by using the withdrawal slip in the bank and the Kisan credit card passbook. While cheque books facility is also available to farmers who have a credit limit of Rs 25000 and above. This means the individual credit score must be good and firm.