Jumia Online Shopping App

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How do I shop on the Jumia Online Shopping App? Jumia is one of the most popular online shopping platforms in Africa, especially in Nigeria, with over a million customers.

On this platform, you can shop for a wide range of items from categories such as Health and beauty, electronics, phones, gaming, and more.

The best part is that you can shop for any item of your choice from the comfort of your home. With the Jumia online shopping App, you can stay safe and shop from the comfort of your home.

Jumia Online Shopping App

In addition, you can get access to exclusive deals and enjoy discounts. This application has a user-friendly interface that allows you to locate and shop for a product in real-time.

From fashion, health, and beauty to electronics, you can find anything you wish to purchase on the Jumia online shopping App.

It is one of the most popular online shopping apps in Africa, with a large selection of local and international brands. The best part is that items on this platform are genuine.

Also, shopping on this site is completely safe, and you will get the best shopping experience.

Categories of Products on the Jumia Online Shopping App

As stated above, there is a wide range of items or products on the Jumia online shopping app.

You can simply find and locate a product to purchase on the portal by using the category section. Some of the categories of items on this platform include:

  • Baby Necessities: Diapers, Skincare, Toys, and All
  • Health & Beauty Products: Makeup, perfumes, Hair care, Oral care, and more
  • Fashion for all: men, women, kids, and Babies
  • Home & Living: Furniture, Decor, Bedding, and Kitchen Essentials
  • Grocery Items and Supplies
  • Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • Laptops, Notebooks, desktops, and accessories
  • Appliances, TVs, Games, Consoles, and Home Theaters
  • Sporting Goods, Lifestyle products

How to Download the Jumia Online Shopping App

You can either download the Jumia online shopping app on your Android or iOS device for free.

However, you need a mobile device and a stable internet connection. Check out the steps and guidelines below to download the app.

On Android

  • Open your Google Play Store.
  • Next, search for the Jumia Online Shopping App.
  • Click on the app from the result.
  • Tap on INSTALL.”
  • Lastly, once downloaded, launch and open the app.

On iOS

  • Firstly, open your App Store.
  • Then, locate the search engine and search for Jumia.
  • Next, scroll through the results and click on the app.
  • Tap on “GET”.
  • Finally, wait for the app to download, and then launch the app.

Following the above steps and guidelines, you can successfully download the Jumia app on your Android and iOS devices.

How to Shop on the Jumia Online Shopping App

In this section of the article, we will be showing you steps and guidelines for shopping for items on the Jumia online shopping app. Follow the steps and guidelines below:

  • Open the Jumia Online Shopping app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Next, search for an item of your choice using the category section.
  • Alternatively, make use of the search bar on the home page to locate an item.
  • Next, click on a product of your choice to see details.
  • Click on the Add to Cart button.
  • To continue shopping, click on “Continue.”
  • But to checkout, click on Checkout.
  • This will take you to the registration page.
  • If you are yet to sign up for a Jumia account, click on Sign Up and follow the prompts.
  • Or click on Login and enter your correct details to access your account.
  • Next, click on the Checkout icon to confirm your order.
  • Select the delivery method, either pick-up or doorstep.
  • Lastly, conform to your order and make payment.

By following the above step-by-step guideline, you can successfully shop online with your Jumia online shopping app and also have access to it more easily.

How to Sign Up for a Jumia Online Shopping Account On Mobile

If you are yet to sign up for a Jumia online shopping account, here is a quick and easy way to sign up for an account;

  • Go to your Jumia app.
  • On your app, down below, click on the Account page.
  • You will be directed to another page.
  • Click on the login button below, and you’ll find a sign-up page.
  • On the sign-up page, enter an active email address.
  • Then, create a strong password.
  • Lastly, confirm the password and follow the prompt.

The above steps and guidelines are easy and simple ways to sign up for an Online shopping account on Jumia.

How to Login to the Jumia Online Shopping Portal

Meanwhile, if you already have an account with Jumia, you don’t need to sign up for a new one. You can simply log in to your account using the correct information and details. Here are the steps and guidelines to login to your account;

  • Open your Jumia app.
  • On your app, click on the account page.
  • Tap the log-in icon.
  • Type your email or mobile number in the box provided.
  • Click on the Continue button.
  • Next, enter your password.
  • A verification code will be sent to you.
  • Fill in the code.
  • Once you fill in the code, you will be directed to your account.

Assuming the details you’ve entered are accurate, you will automatically be logged in to your Jumia online shopping account, where you can shop for a wide range of items.