Can I set up an Instagram business account without Facebook Page? Almost over 70% of users who want to join the marketing platform usually pop-up on most marketers mind. Despite the fact that Instagram is one Facebook acquisition doesn’t mean businesses can’t set up an Instagram business account without a Facebook page. In other words, Yes, you can open an Instagram account business account without a Facebook page.  On the contrary, people get inspired and discover a whole to of amazing things including contents from brands and businesses on Instagram.

Instagram Business Account Without Facebook Page - Instagram Business Account

The Instagram business account is likewise effective for showcasing or advertising your brands just the Facebook business account. Plus, where it comes to engaging business with large numbers of potential audiences that are interesting in what they are offering. Currently, Instagram has over 1 billion active account users worldwide every single month and over 500 million account view stories & photos every day which makes it more confidential in laying out a marketing objective.

Why Instagram

Moreover, if you read the second paragraph of this content, you will be able to draft out reasons why you don’t need a Facebook page to create an Instagram business account. In case you’re not well, please.

With a Business Account You Can:

  • Access real-time metrics on the performance of your stories or promoted post every single day.
  • You can also access insights into your followers to know how well they interact with your post or stories
  • You can also add your business details such as describe your company, business hot, contact info, and even location.
  • Above all, you can convert your personal account to a business account with the use of the Instagram app account setting.

In summary, the Instagram business account occupies over 2 million advertisers all over the world that makes use of Instagram to promote brands and drive business results. Basically, 200 million Instagrammers visits at least one or two business profile every day.

Instagram Business Account without Facebook Page – How to Get started with Instagram Business

However, setting up an Instagram business account is very easy and quick, plus it creates more awareness about your service, products and most especially your business. Hence with just four-step, you can easily create a business account.

To create a business account;

  • Download and launch the app on your smartphone via the iOS app store or Google play store
  • Sign up with your email address and create a password account.
  • Once you’ve accessed the app locate the account setting and then switch to a business account.

Afterward, when you set up the business account you will be subjected to add your business information in other to set up a business profile. Finally, you can then start posting the contents of your business types.