How to Upload Video to Tiktok – Making Tiktok Videos

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Tiktok is the most commonly used app right now so if you haven’t started making use of the app then you are missing out. A lot of people do not know what Tiktok is used for and it is because they are not interested in making it. How to upload video to Tiktok is a very easy process so if you have been finding it difficult to do continue reading this article.

How to Upload Video to Tiktok - Making Tiktok Videos

Tiktok app is a platform filled with videos of people dancing, performing stunts, and acting out comedy skits. It is such a fun place that once you start scrolling through the contents you won’t even want to stop. If you are just a casual viewer or you want to start posting videos by yourself, you need to know how to use Tiktok before you can start posting or making entertaining videos by yourself.

However, it is possible to upload a video you recorded by yourself on the app, the app has multiple filters and effects that you can use to enhance your videos. When you are making use of Tiktok to make videos you can make use of effects like the green screen, bling, time warp scan, and many more.

Can I Upload Videos to Tiktok from your Gallery?

Yes, it is possible to upload videos to Tiktok from your gallery. The steps are very easy and you can do them within a few seconds. How to upload videos to Tiktok should not be a problem once you are able to upload videos to Tiktok from your gallery. Follow these steps to upload videos to Tiktok from your gallery.

  • First, you have to tap on the + icon
  • After that tap on the upload icon to upload a video from your gallery
  • You can select multiple videos and photos that you want to upload
  • Once you have selected a video, you can edit it by trimming it
  • Then you can add sounds, effects, texts, and more
  • Tap on Next once you are done editing the video
  • After that add a caption and post the video

Finally, you can also add relevant hashtags to it to increase its reach. Change the video setting if necessary and then tap on Post to upload it on Tiktok.

How do I Make Tiktok Videos?

If you are just joining Tiktok for the first time and you want to make your first video then you should follow these steps below.

  • Tap + at the bottom of the screen
  • Upload content from your device library or make use of the Tiktok camera
  • Add sounds, Effects, Filter, or other camera tools
  • Then start your video by pressing the Record button
  • Record your content
  • Tap the checkmark
  • Then make additional edits on the posting page

Immediately after that, you can post your video, after posting the video you might to lucky enough to get more likes and have people follow you.

How to Upload a Tiktok Video from PC

How to upload videos to Tiktok has been sorted out, but most people find it difficult to upload Tiktok videos from their PC. Tiktok was meant specifically for mobile devices but you can access the service on your PC or Mac. Follow these steps if you want to upload a Tiktok video from your PC.

  • First, you have to open your browser and visit the Tiktok website
  • Click on upload on the right top of the page
  • If you aren’t logged in then you have to do so
  • After that, you will be taken to the upload video screen
  • Then click the grey select video to the upload box
  • You can drag and drop the video file of your choice to this same box
  • As soon as your video is loaded into your browser, you can add the perfect caption
  • The next step is the cover of your video
  • You have to put the thumbnail image that your followers will see

Before publishing the video of your choice to Tiktok you can change the privacy settings of your video. However, note that your video needs to be 720p (720×1280) or even higher. Also, Tiktok has increased the limit for videos to 180 seconds so that people can upload longer videos.