How to Pay a Sears Credit Card Payment

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If you have a Sears credit card, you can learn how to make a payment using your card. Read through this article for steps and guidelines to follow.  Meanwhile, a Sear Credit Card or a Shop Your Way Sears MasterCard is one of the most useful cards that allow you to shop for items directly from and its in-stores.

How to Pay a Sears Credit Card Payment

The Sears credit card and MasterCard are both issued by Citi Bank. This credit card allows you to take advantage of and benefits offered by the store. You can obtain a $75 statement credit for every $500 spent within 90 days of opening an account. In addition, cardholders can earn 5% cash back on purchases at gas stations, 3% cash back on purchases made at grocery stores and restaurants, etc.

Also, you can also earn points and rewards to save in-store or at their official website, or at the store. But to keep enjoying the benefits offered by the company, you’ll need to keep your Sears credit card account updated by paying your bills.

Paying your Sears credit card bills will keep your credit in good standing. Also, you will get to build and grow your credit card responsibly. You can check out the next outline for some of the easy ways to make a Sears credit card Payment.

How to make a Sears Credit Card Bill Payment

Sears in partnership with Citi bank has made it easier for cardholders to pay their bills online and offline without struggles. In addition, you don’t need to visit the store to make a payment and this is because you can conveniently do so from the comfort of your home.

There are several options available for customers to make a payment and they include; online, by mail, phone, and in-person. To make use of any of the available options, follow the step-by-step guide below this write-up.

Pay your Sears Credit Card Bills Online

You can quickly process your payment without having to pay a dime. Simply visit the official login page of Sears credit card online and then sign in to your account.

However, if you don’t have a credit card account with Sears, you can sign up for a free account using your details. Here is a quick and straightforward guide to follow;

  • Visit the official login portal of Sears Credit Card Online.
  • Or click on this link to be directed to the page.
  • On the website, Login to your account using your user ID and Password.
  • If you are yet to sign up for an account tap on Register your card and follow the prompt.
  • Once you’ve accessed your account, locate the payment dashboard.
  • Enter your checking account information and bank routing number.
  • Also, enter other required information and your payment amount.
  • Review the information you’ve entered and click on Pay.

How to Mail your Payment

You can also mail your credit card payment by sending a money order or writing a check alongside your payment coupon and credit account number. Note; you cannot mail cash as this is currently not accepted. Mail your payment to these addresses

Sears Consumer Payments P.O. Box

  • 9001055 Louisville, KY 40290-1055
  • PO Box 70604
  • Philadelphia, PA 19176-0604

Sears Consumer Express Payments

  • Attn: Consumer Payment Dept.
  • 6716 Grade Lane
  • Building 9, Suite 910
  • Louisville, KY 40213

Make a Credit Card Payment on Mobile

As previously mentioned above, you can pay your credit card bills on mobile. Contact Sears services service agent for help and assistance to pay your bills. You can contact their services 24/7 from Mondays to Sundays.

Note; to use this option, you must have your Sears credit card details closed and this is because the customer rep will require your details for verification. You can check Sears credit card customer service mobile number by visiting the store’s official website.

How to Pay Bill In-Person

Lastly, you can visit the nearest Sears store around your country to make fast payments. To use this option, visit the store during your free time with your credit card details for verification.

While at the store, you can ask the customer representatives for help. You can find the nearest Sears around your country or region by using the Sears Store Locator.