How can I make a new folder for my email or how can I create a new folder in AOL Mail? In this article, you can learn how to make folder in AOL Mail. First of all, the use of creating a folder in your email account help email users to organize their email messages and also to stay clutter-free. Almost all the email services enable a functionality whereby users can create a separate folder to organize their email messages.

How to Make Folder in AOL Mail - Create and Manage Folders in AOL Mail

Furthermore, AOL Mail is one of the top web-based email services providers powered by AOL which is a subsidiary of Verizon Communication. In other to organize your AOL inbox, creating a new email folder enable you to filter emails in various folders. However, there are pre-created folders created by AOL Mail which included AOL Mail Inbox, AOL Mail Draft, Sent, Spam, and lots more in which all your email messages are organized. Likewise, email users can also go through the AOL Mail inbox login to also create their own folder to organize or separate important emails. Here are the following steps on how to make folder in AOL Mail.

How to Make New Folder in AOL Mail on Desktop

On the contrary, you can also decide to create new folders in AOL Mail on your desktop. However, you’re required to go through the AOL email sign in process to access your AOL mail in creating a folder to organize your email messages.

  1. Go to on your desktop to access Mail on AOL.
  2. Next, head over to the Folders icon on the left side and click on the plus sign icon (+).
  3. Enter a name for your new email folder, and click on Enter.
  4. Then, the folder will be created at once and can be accessed under the Folders category.

To Move Emails to New Folder:

  1. First, access your AOL Mail inbox or another folder having the message you want to move.
  2. Next, select the box beside each email message you want in your new Folder.
  3. Finally, select More and select the folder you want to move your email message to.

However, you can use the same process to create a new folder and also moves email messages you want folder you want to move to. Keep in mind, you can also use the same application on the AOL Mail app to male new folders.

How to Make New Folders with AOL Mail App

It’s much easier to create new folders using the AOL Mail app on your mobile phone or tablet. First, your AOL Mail account must use IMAP so that any folder you create on the computer or AOL Mail app will appear on other devices as well.

  1. Open the AOL Mail app and click on the Mail Icon.
  2. Next, click on the Back Arrow to find the list of email folders.
  3. Click on the Plus Sign (+) next to Folders.
  4. Enter the name of your new folder and click Return to create the folder.
  5. Click Ok to confirm the creation of the Folder.

However, in other to move or organize email messages to the new folder using your AOL Mail app. Simply, click on the box next to the messages and click on the Folder Icon. Select the folder you want to email message to go and that’s all.