How to know if My Credit Card is Active

How do I know if My Credit Card is Active? Currently, one of the easiest ways to make quick payments on goods and services purchased online. And also make other important transactions is by using your Credit Card. It is very much effective to make use of and you can easily apply for a Credit Card from any reliable Bank that issues the Card.

How to know if My Credit Card is Active
How to know if My Credit Card is Active

But after receiving your Credit Card, you will need to check if your Card is Active. The question is “How do I know if My Credit Card is Active? In order to know if your Credit Card is Active or not. There are certain guidelines and steps, you will need to follow.

Therefore, in today’s review, we will be showing you steps and guidelines to follow in order to Know if your Credit Card is Active or Not. In the meantime, checking if your Credit Card is Active. Or Inactive is very important, especially for users who haven’t used their Credit Cards for several months.

A  Credit Card that is not Active can hinder you from making purchases online or using your card to make fast transactions. So, it is necessary for you to know if your Credit Card is Active or Inactive. To know if your Credit Card is Active. You can check out the next outline for steps and guidelines to follow.

How to Know if your Credit Card Is Active or Inactive

Meanwhile, there are several steps and guidelines to check if your credit card is still active. From contacting your Credit Card Issuer Customer Care to Checking your Credit Report and more. You can check if your Credit Card is active. Below are the Guides to Follow;

Contact your Credit Card Issuer Customer Service

One of the easiest and simplest ways to know if your credit card is active is by contacting your Credit Card Issuer. You can call the phone number on the back of your credit card to find out if your card is still active or has been rendered inactive.

Or, you can visit their official website to check out their customer service options. The reason why this is the easiest method is that most banks offer 24/7 customer services; which means you can contact them anytime and any day for help.

Try Using your Credit Card to Make a Purchase

Aside from contacting or calling your Card Issuer for help; you can test or try your Credit Card by making purchases online or in-store. Although, this can be embarrassing especially if your card gets declined. Nevertheless, you can make use of this method to quickly check your Credit Card Status.

Note that; if your credit card gets declined while trying to make a purchase this can mean it is not active. But it can also serve as a sign that your credit card has expired or you have reached your credit limit. Therefore, you will need to add an extra payment method.

Check your Credit Report

Another way to check if your Credit Card is active is by checking your credit Report. Your Credit Report can give you an idea if your credit card is still active or not. But it won’t tell you if your Credit Card has been closed or not.

According to research, issuers of Credit Card generally give a credit card report to the Credit bureaus once a month. You can order your credit card report from your former credit card issuer.

Visit your Credit Card issuing Bank In Person

If your credit card issuing Bank have a local branch around your location; you can simply set out a day to visit the branch in person. But you will need to take along your ID and Credit Card; as your personal information will be needed before they can offer you any assistance.

To find your Credit Card nearest bank, visit their website and make use of their Online Locator.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What should I do to Reactivate My Inactive Credit Card?

You can quickly reactivate your inactive Credit Card by calling your Card issuer and asking for help. This is one of the easiest and advisable methods to follow. After confirming your Credit Card is Inactive, you will need to reactivate it but you will be charged for delayed funds before you can use your card again.

If you don’t make your card active again, this might affect your creditworthiness. And you will have a lot of fees to pay. Note that; if your Credit Card has been closed due to crime or fraud, you will definitely need to open a new one.

How long will a Credit Card Remain Active without being used?

There is no specific answer to this question as most credit card companies close an account that has been inactive after 12 to 24 months.

But the time varies and you can only find out the specific time given for an inactive credit card by contacting your card issuing bank for answers. So, to know the actual number of days or months given to an inactive credit card contact your card issuer today.

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