How to Find Lost AirPods – Find my AirPods | Lost AirPods

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How do I find my stolen AirPods? Do you need assistance in finding your lost or stolen AirPods? Many people don’t believe that even the small AirPods you put on your ear has an advance tracking device that allows you to track the location where your device is located. The wireless AirPods earbuds are widely used by billions of people and with its small structure makes it easy for you to lose the $159 budget you spend on purchase the gadget. Thankfully, the development of the Find My AirPods app, we will show you step on how to find lost AirPods.

How to Find Lost AirPods - Find my AirPods | Lost AirPods

Luckily, Apple felt the experience users based on the stories of people losing their device. However, the device is so small that you can easily misplace it without even knowing. Therefore, the structure of the Find My AirPods helps users to easily locate their lost products. In general, the Find My app makes it more convenient and easy-to-use set up to locate all apple devices. However, the application can be found only on iOS 13 operating systems. Wondering how it possible to find lost AirPods.

Here’s How it works

First of all, you need to understand that, with the Find My App can you be able to locate your missing AirPods. Thankfully, the Find My app comes with two different kinds of separate service known as Find My iPhone and Find My Friends to help protect things you love. Therefore, it’s required that you set up Find My (device) with another iPhone, iPad or even iPod touch that you make use of to connect your AirPods. Doing this automatically triggers the AirPods as well to locate the device.

Henceforth, if you experience the term, your AirPods is lost, out of cases, misplaced, or the other way around. With the use of the Find My app, you can definitely find your device. The interesting aspect about Find My AirPods is that it shows you the approximate time and location where your device is located or last connected.

How to Find Lost AirPods with Find My AirPods App

In the meantime how to find lost AirPods is very simple, you can use your computer through or your iOS device to make use of the Find My app. This means that you need to have an iCloud account and also you need your Apple ID to track down your AirPods.

On computer;

  • Visit the iCloud website
  • Enter your Apple ID
  • Open the section Find iPhone.
  • Click All Device and select AirPods

On iPhone and other iOS devices:

  • Go to the Find My App
  • Click Device.
  • Select AirPods.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to install any application, the Find My app can be found on IOS 13. Also, you can play around the feature used in tracking your device like Play Sound, and others. Once you have found the location, you can apply some intelligence in recovering or getting your device back.