How to Change Phone Number in Gmail – Gmail Phone Number

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How do I change my phone number in Gmail? Learn how to change phone number in Gmail. Gmail serves as one of the biggest and most consumed email service providers in the world today. Mostly used by large businesses to connect with their businesses from around the world. While creating a Gmail account or Google account allows you to set up your account with phone number. The need to provide a phone number is to receive a verification code and also to as a recovery phone number.

How to Change Phone Number in Gmail - Gmail Phone Number

Furthermore, Google allows you to associate your Gmail account with an active phone number as to serve as a recover option when your email is locked or you don’t have an alternative recovery option. However, when you change your phone number, this will automatically update your Google account. Therefore, you can use the new updated phone number to recover verification code when resetting your Google account password. Changing your phone number can be done on the mobile app and desktop web.

How to Change Phone Number on Gmail via Desktop Web

On the contrary, you can change your Gmail phone directly from the web using your computer. First of all, anyone can change their phone number and there are no limits to the numbers of phone numbers you can change every month. Gmail phone number on Google serves to protect your account when locked.

To Change Mobile number in Gmail:

  1. Go to on your web browser.
  2. If you’re not logged in, enter your email address and password.
  3. Afterward, you can click on your profile icon.
  4. Select the option “Manage your Google Account”.
  5. Click on Personal Info and select Contact info.
  6. Click on your current phone number and click on the Edit icon.
  7. Add a new phone number and click Save.

Besides, you can move to the Security settings to also add a recovery email. Once you complete the action, it will be automatically updated to the various services in which you register with your Gmail or Google account.

How to Change Mobile Number on the Gmail App

In case you’re not comfortable with using the computer to charge your mobile phone in Gmail. You can also use the Gmail mobile app to also change your phone number. The process of changing your phone number on the mobile app is the same as on your PC.

How to Change Mobile Number on the Gmail App
  1. Open Gmail app on your Android or iOS device and log in to your account.
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines and select Settings.
  3. Select the Gmail address you want to change.
  4. Click on the Manage your Google Account.  
  5. Select Personal Infor in the Google account screen.

In summary, you can follow the rest instruction on the screen to change your phone number on the Gmail app via Android and iOS devices. afterward, you can click Save to finally update, remove, and edit your phone number.