How To Cancel A Green Dot Card

How To Cancel A Green Dot Card – Do you own a Green Dot card? Do you have plans of cancelling it? Then I will be showing you How To Cancel Green Dot. Furthermore, I hope this write-up provides all the information you need. So, let us go into it. Firstly, Green Dot provides its customers with both regular credit cards and prepaid debit cards. Therefore, if you plan on canceling any of them, with the content and steps that I will be providing for you in this blog post, you will find it very easy. However, the cancellation of these cards does not require the same steps.

How To Cancel A Green Dot Card

But that does not mean that the process is not easy to perform online. Therefore, you do not need to visit the physical bank when you can perform it from the comfort of your home and on your smartphone. Equally important, for everyone who wants to cancel their green dot credit or debit card, ensure that you have cleared and removed all of your funds before carrying out this process. This is because if you don’t, you will no longer have access to your card after canceling it.

How To Cancel A Green Dot Card

If you have prepared your mind and you are ready to cancel your Green Dot credit card, follow these steps to begin. Moreover, this also depends on whether your card is a credit card or a prepaid debit card.

In addition, you also need to make sure that you empty out your account if you want to cancel your debit card and pay off your balance if you want to cancel your credit card. So, with your debit card, you can withdraw it from an ATM, make a purchase, or even pay for a subscription. Canceling your card can be performed online or by calling a customer care agent.

How To Cancel Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card Online

After you have cleared the account of your card, follow the procedures below to disable and cancel your credit card:

  • Go to your search engine.
  • Visit
  • Next, click on the Security option.
  • Then, navigate to Close Card.
  • After that, you will need to indicate why you want to cancel your card.

Finally, click on Cancel Card and if you have hit that button, you will no longer have access to your card anymore.

How To Cancel A Green Dot Card Via The App

If you have the Green Dot mobile app already installed on your mobile device, here is how to use it to cancel your credit card:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Move to Settings.
  • Next, tap on the Manage card option.
  • Tap on the Close your account button.
  • After you click on that option, you will be asked if you want to spend down your balance to $0.
  • You will also be asked if you want to get a refund check or pick up cash at Walmart.

Select any of those options and successfully close your card. Moreover, keep in mind that after you cancel your card, you will not be able to view your transaction history and account statements on the app.

How To Cancel Green Dot Credit Card

Since we have concluded the steps to cancel your debit card, next, we will be going into how to cancel your credit card. So, if you own a Green Dot credit card and you want to close it, this is how it is done.

Firstly, you need to offset all of your credit card bills before canceling. If you fail to do this, you will not get back your security deposit on your card. So, make sure that you pay off your bills before you proceed to cancel.

Moreover, canceling your card without paying back the money you owe will also affect your credit score. After you have finished paying your balance, then you can speak to a customer service agent to help you cancel your credit card.

Green Dot Customer Service

If you are still in need of help from a representative, then that is not an issue. You can speak to an agent by contacting their customer support team using their phone number. What’s more, you can check out their official website and move to their Get Help section. Then, an agent or customer service representative will speak and handle your issues for you.