How to Block Facebook Messenger – Block Friends on Facebook

How to block Facebook Messenger: Always been pounded by message ever single seconds can be frustrating. Perhaps during the time that you need to rest or take a break. Then comes a Bing on your mobile phones indicating messages from friends on Facebook. This can be annoying and aside for messaging it can be from bully friends which makes 30% of users block some people or block them from receiving their message. Hence, we will see how you can how to block Facebook messenger from receiving messages.

How to Block Facebook Messenger - Block Friends on Facebook

However, there are two ways when it comes to blocking Facebook messenger from receiving unwanted messages. Either you block the people from sending you messages or block messages from reaching you. This is the way option you can go about in terms of how you can block Facebook messenger. Note blocking Facebook messenger is entirely different from deactivating your Messenger. Also keep in mind that when you block someone or messages, you’ll no longer to able to access the feature of interacting with the people.

How to Block Someone from Sending me Messages on Facebook Without Blocking them?

However, this aspect or particular question has to do with the process of blocking someone from sending you messages. In other words, block messages from been sent by a particular person. Steps on how to block messages

iPhone and iPad:

  • Open your messenger can click the chat icon.
  • Next, you need to open a conversation box you have with the person
  • Click on the person profile and scroll down to select Block. 


  • Also, from your android device open messenger and click conservation of the person.
  • At the top of the page click the user’s profile icon.
  • Scroll down and click Block.

Furthermore, one thing you need to take note of is that there is certain repercussion that follows when you block messages. That includes prevention from messaging the person and also the person from messaging you but you haven’t blocked the person. However, you can select another option besides blocking which is the second option “Ignore conversation”.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Messenger?

In other not to fall a victim of regret if it’s possible to unblock someone. Just as I mention there are certain things that happen when you block someone on Facebook messenger.

  • One, the people will not the privilege to message you anymore or even have access to contact you.
  • Just as you can access the people so also, you ‘ll have no access to connect with them in messenger or Facebook chat.

Lastly, if the people you blocked alongside yourself are in a group chat, you will be notified before accessing the chat. Should in case you still decided to continue with the group chat, both of you will be able to see and read each other messages.