How to Add Contacts to Outlook – How do I Import Contacts Into Outlook | Microsoft Outlook 365

Adding contacts to outlook is very important because it helps to manage and store your contacts. The program is very good when it comes to handling contacts as it was designed to do so, and also the functions of the program are by far better than most of its competitors except for it online version outlook 365 also referred to as office 365 that perform more function than the outlook program and also makes the work easier and better.

How to Add Contacts to Outlook - How do I Import Contacts Into Outlook | Microsoft Outlook 365

The outlook program performs so many other functions, and because of those functions it performs, the program became one of the most used when it comes to office duties. Some of those other functions it performs are; grouping of contacts, accessing email offline, creating a schedule, importing & exporting contacts and so many more other interesting functions that have also contributed to the success of the outlook program. But one of its most important functions is saving contacts because the outlook program stores your contacts not just for its personal use alone but also to be exported to other programs that require it.

How to Add Contacts To Outlook

Adding contacts to Outlook is very easy and important to do when you are working with the Outlook program regularly. here are the following steps to perform the function:

  • First, open the Microsoft Outlook program.
  • Then locate the people icon at the lower part of the screen and then click.
  • Click the new contacts icon at the top left part of the screen under the home tab in the ribbon.
  • If you want to save the newly entered contacts, after saving the first contact click Save and “New” icon. But if you only want to save the newly added contact then click save and close.

Hence, that is how you add contacts to the outlook program without much stress. That was not so hard to do, was it?

Apart from adding contacts through the way I just stated for you now. There is still another way to do so and it is by opening an incoming email message. Right-clicking the name of the person you want to create a contact for and then click add to outlook contacts. And that is the second way to do it even easier.

How to Import/Export Contacts into Outlook

Outlook has been one of the most used programs among all its other competitors, attained this wonderful height because of its contact saving ability, in other words, the contacts saving ability has contributed greatly to the success of the program and by so doing the program has been performing far more than all its other competitors.

  • Access your outlook email access and select files at the top of the section.
  • Next, you can select Open & Exports, and select Import/Export.
  • Select an action program to perform the importing or exporting files.

Moreover, you can follow the instruction given to you on the screen to import/export contacts into your email address.