How Do I Export Contacts from Outlook 2019 – Outlook Contacts

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Exporting contacts from outlook is an important part of the outlook program, as it aids in the proper functioning of the program, in other words, one of the main reason for creating the program was to use it for storing and exporting contacts to other programs that requires the contacts. The outlook program has been very well known for its ability to store and export contacts from Outlook and these abilities has been one of the most active parts of the program making the program an amazing program.

How Do I Export Contacts from Outlook 2019 - Outlook Contacts

When it comes to the question how do I export contacts from outlook, you do not have to feel it is a long and hard process because, the programmers of the outlook program which is Microsoft, included an import and export wizard making the program one of the best at exporting contacts and also make it much easier to export the contacts.

Apart from exporting contacts from the outlook program, the program also performs other amazing function with and without contacts. Some of those amazing functions are part of the things bringing about the fame and success of the program. Some of those amazing functions are; the program also import contacts, group contacts, create schedule, managing contacts, accessing email and so many other interesting functions that the program performs and that has also contributed to its success and where it is today.

How Do I Export Contacts From Outlook

Like I said, dealing with the question how do I export contacts from outlook? Is something very easy to do because of the way the programmers, programmed it to perform the exporting duties. Steps towards exporting contacts from outlook are listed below:

  • First you open the outlook program
  • Then click the file icon located at the top left part of the outlook homepage.
  • click the open and export icon
  • click the import/export icon
  • select the export to a file icon and then click the next icon located at the lower part of the screen
  • select comma separated values (CSV)
  • under the export to a file folder, click the contacts icon and then click next
  • click browse and the n select a location where you would like to save your contacts, give the folder a name and then click ok

Confirm where your files would be saved in and then click next. Click Finish to begin the exportation process. And that is how deal with the question, how do i export contacts from outlook.