HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card – Benefits And How to Apply

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The HDFC MoneyBack credit card is a super-saver credit card that rewards you with instant cashback on every single purchase you make. With the MoneyBack Credit Card, you get to receive numerous benefits and reward spending. However, if you wold love to know more about this credit card, read thru this article and we will be letting you know all the necessary things you need to know about the credit card respectively.

HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card - Benefits And How to Apply
HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card – Benefits And How to Apply

However, you have to be eligible for the card before you can apply for it. In order to know more about the credit card, eligibility, benefits, and fees attached to the credit card, you should read through this article.

Furthermore, with the MoneyBack Credit Card, you will receive some percentage of money back to your credit account for every purchase you make with your card. But to apply for the card, you need to pay a joining fee of Rs.500. The MoneyBack credit card allows you to make fast and secure payments. You can also make secure and safe contactless payments at retail outlets.

HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card Benefits

Just like other credit cards, the HDFC MoneyBack credit card comes with its own share of benefits. As a cashback credit cardholder, you’ll earn rewards on every purchase you make with your credit card. Below are what you stand to enjoy with your credit card:

  • Earn money back for every dollar spent on your credit card.
  • Credit period with no interest
  • Zero lost card liability
  • Enjoy Revolving credit
  • Fuel surcharge waiver
  • Annual spend based benefit
  • Renewal offer
  • Smart EMI
  • Contactless payment
  • Reward point redemption

Other benefits are 2 reward points for every Rs 150 spent and a gift voucher worth Rs 500 on spending of Rs 50,000. Above all, you’ll get a welcome benefit of 500 cashpoints.

HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card Eligibility

  • Applicant must be earning a salary or be self-employed.
  • For salary earners, the age range must be between 21 and 60 years.
  • The applicant should have a good credit score and a source of income.
  • Self-employed applicants must be between 21 and 65 years of age.

How to Apply for HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card

If you are ready to apply for the MoneyBack credit card, then let’s help you with the process. You can choose to apply for your credit card in person or directly from the official website of HDFC. But first, before you apply for a MoneyBack credit card, you should check to see if you are eligible to apply;

  • Visit the official HDFC website to apply for a credit card.
  • On the homepage, click on Credit Cards.
  • Next, select “MoneyBack” and click “Apply.”
  • Afterward, submit the necessary information and documents.
  • Lastly, click on submit.

Once your submission is successful, you will receive a response email with your application ID. Now you can await your MoneyBack Credit Card application status to know when your credit card is ready.


What is HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card?

HDFC MoneyBack credit card is a type of credit card offered by HDFC. The MoneyBack credit card allows credit cardholders to earn money back on every purchase made with the card. It is a rewarding card for everyday spending.

HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card Limit

The credit limit on the MoneyBack credit card varies for each applicant. The HDFC Bank is the one to determine the monetary limit on each individual applicant’s card. Meanwhile, the credit limit on credit cards is determined by the credit score of each cardholder.

How do I Know my MoneyBack Credit Card Status?

You can make use of the HDFC track your credit card tool to keep track of your credit card application status both online and offline. In order to keep track of your application status, you need to visit order to keep track of your application.

How Can I Redeem my Reward Points on MoneyBack Credit Card for Cash?

The reward points on your MoneyBack credit card can be redeemed as cash, air miles, or gifts. However, if you want to redeem your point, you need to have a minimum of 2,500 points. Once your reward points are up to that, you can choose ‘cash’ as your redemption option, and your card outstanding will be readjusted to the equivalent of the cash benefit. You are aware that every 100 points equal Rs.20.