What is Guru.com and how do I get started with Guru? You probably would have heard of Guru.com and you don’t exactly know what the platform is all about or maybe you are just coming across the Platform today.  Relax and read through this write-up as we will be enlightening on the Platform and its services.  Many organizations and companies from various parts of the world on a daily basis are searching for freelancers to hire. However, getting in touch with these freelancers and vice versa is quite difficult. But with the aid of Guru.com, employers and Freelancers can easily connect and work together.

Guru.com - Find and Hire Expert Freelancers

What is Guru.com?

Guru.com is one of the best online freelancer websites that help companies and organizations searching for freelancers to hire talented and top-notch Freelancers from across the world. Since the inception of the company in the year 1998, they have been able to help employers and Freelancers connect effectively. Guru offers its users with secure and Flexible environment and cost-effective service. As an employer, you can post jobs in various categories and vice versa.

Some of the categories of Job you can post or Find on Guru.com includes; Programing and Development, Design and Art, Writing and Translation, sales and Marketing, Business and Finance, etc. The platform offers Freelancers the opportunity of getting their dream job. With a platform like Guru com, you can now connect and work with reliable and credible Freelancers and Organizations. However, it is worth noting that they offer both a free and premium service to both Employers and Freelancers. To find out more about the Guru.com pricing for both Employers and Freelancers, visit the official website.

Why Should I Use Guru?

There are so many reasons why you should start using Guru if you are a freelancer or your organization is searching for one. More than a million freelancers and organizations used the online platform. Statistics have shown that Guru com has a high customer rating due to its amazing and outstanding services over the years. The company has a low complaint rate from customers; you will find more positive ratings.

Furthermore, Guru.com verifies their freelancers and publishes feedbacks to enable you to find trusted and professionals to work with across the globe. It also offers SafePay payment protection to enable members to make online transactions with peace of mind. They provide you with maximum and quality services at a low cost. Guru is flexible as they provide multiple payment terms and they are dedicated to resolving all your issues with its 24/7 support team.  With the above reasons and many, you can get started with the platform by signing Up for an account as an employer or a freelancer.

How to Sign Up for Guru com Account

As mentioned earlier, Guru enables you to search and post jobs on its platform. However, you need to sign Up for an account using your email, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google accounts. Whether you’re a freelancer with skills and you’re searching for jobs or you’re an employer. You can follow the steps and guidelines below to create your own account;

Sign Up With Email

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit the official website of Guru.com
  • On the homepage, locate the sign-Up icon at the top left corner of the page
  • This takes you to the Guru Sign Up page
  • Enter your full name in the provided field
  • Input your active email address
  • Agree to the terms and condition of the site
  • Then, click on PROCEED

Sign Up Facebook

  • On the Sign-Up page
  • Tap on the Facebook icon
  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Click on continue with your username to enable Guru access your account

Register With LinkedIn

  • On the Guru.com Sign Up page
  • Click on the LinkedIn Icon
  • Login to your LinkedIn account
  • Allow Guru access your account by clicking on continue with LinkedIn

Register With Google

  • On the Guru.com sign Up page
  • Tap on the Google Icon
  • If you have a multiple account, select a Google to Sign Up with
  • Or sign in to your Google account by entering your Password and Email
  • Then, click on continue with your Google account username

Using any of the above-mentioned steps and guidelines, your Guru account will automatically be created and you will gain access to it. If you are signing Up for an account as an Employer, you can start posting jobs and searching for Freelancers. And if you have signed Up for an account as a freelancer, make sure to create a strong profile to boost your chances of getting hired. Lastly, you can explore the benefits that come with the paid membership account which is mainly for freelancers.

Guru.com Log in

Do you already have a Guru account? You can simply log in to your account anytime and any day to start accessing its services. Here are the steps and guidelines to follow to sign in to your account;

  • Open your computer web browser
  • Visit the official website of Guru.com
  • Tap on the Login icon at the Homepage
  • This takes you to the Login page
  • Enter your email address or username
  • Input your password
  • Then, click on Log in

If your login credentials are correct, Guru will immediately grant you access to your account. Note that; you can also sign in to your Guru Com account using your Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. But this is only possible for users who have created an account using any of the mentioned accounts. For instance, if you have signed Up for an account with email, you can only sign in by email.