GTBank 737 Funds Transfer – Money Transfer

GTBank 737 Funds Transfer | Send Money To Other Customers Using *737*
One of the major challenges that traders and other bank customers have is the ability to make financial transactions. Most time customers spend all day at the banking hail just to carry out financial transactions.

GTBank 737 Funds Transfer

You can make use of GTBank 737 to carry our all type of financial transactions starting from Open an Account, Funds Transfer, Airtime & Data Top-up to Create a Transaction PIN. There are lots more on GTBank 737 when you explore the new system of banking.

Payment is now made easy when you know how to transfer funds user *737# short code by GTBank. This is not just about the code but the time and stress it saves you from as you can now transfer funds at your comfort.

You don’t need to walk into the banking hall, You don’t need an internet enabled device, all you need is your mobile phone. With GTBank 737 you can transfer funds to users who make use of GTBANK or Other Bank in Nigeria.

GTBank 737 Funds Transfer

In other, to use the 737 short code to transfer funds from your account to other users account. You need a mobile phone and your mobile number. Note that it’s the mobile number that is registered with your GTBANK account. Once you have this in place follow the below steps.

Dial the short code *737*1*Amount*Account Number#. For example, I want to make a transfer of #5000 to account number 123456789 I will dial *737*1*5000*123456789# follow by the call icon. This is only when you want to transfer to any GTBank. For other Banks the short codes are not the same below is how to transfer funds to other banks.

GTBank 737 Funds Transfer To Other Banks

On your mobile phone with the number, you register with the account. Dial *737*2*Amount*Account Number#. For example, I want to make a transfer of #5000 to account number 123456789 I will dial *737*2*5000*123456789# follow by the call button.

One thing I love about GTBank 737 funds transfer is that it’s a more convenient way to send money with out using an internet enabled device. GTBank 737 funds transfer is available 24/7 with no time restrictions as you can now send money any time of the day. It takes up to 10 seconds faster than the normal GTBank Internet Banking.

GTBank 737 Funds Transfer Features

There some notable features that customers have to be aware of such as the daily transaction limit. The daily fund transfer limit with GTBank 737 is #200,000 per day. The 737 works only with the phone number that is registered with Guaranty Trust Bank.

This is a short code that requires you to dial just like you Load airtime on your phone. It is subject to phone network signal to be able to connect. Funds or money is deducted from your GTBank account directly. And user or customer is required to make use of the last four digit on their Naira GTBank MasterCard.