GTBank 737 – Banking With Your Phone |

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GTBank just introduces a new system of banking called GTBank 737. The new way you can bank with GTBank  (Guaranty Trust Bank) this is just by dialing *737# using any mobile phone. GTBank 737 did a simple banking for every one brought to you by Guaranty Trust Bank. You don’t need to write or cash a cheque. You don’t need data or internet connections.

GTBank 737


With GTBank Bank 737 Just dial *737# there is just so much you can do as you unlock the new magic start with 737 from GTBANK. This is a way of making banking simple and easy for every user including users who can afford an internet enabled device. Just can imagine that banking will be this easy with one touch with GTBank 737 you can.

  • Open an Account.
  • 737 FundsTransfer.
  • Airtime & Data Top-Up.
  • Bill Payment.
  • Check Account Details.
  • Access GTBank in Branch Services.

There is just lots more you can do with 737 when you choose to bank with Guaranty Trust Bank. The new 737 is far easier than the GTBank Internet Banking where you need to log in and also make use of internet connections. Bank 737 is an essay way out to bank at your convenience.

Why You Need GTBank 737

With the new GTBank 737, you don’t need to worry about going to the bank anymore. You can now bank using your mobile phone as it’s rodent matter what mobile phone you are using. This is not GTB Online Banking that you need an internet enabled device and a web browser or GTB mobile app.

There is just so much to explore with GTBank 737 anywhere you are you can bank with your bank. You can visit  using any web browser to get more information about the new GTBank 737. This is another way the cashless policy can work as users or customers don’t have to walk into the bank to make financial transactions.

There have been lots of frequently asked questions about this short code system of banking such as: what is the cost of GTBank 737 when setting up? Do I pay the customer cash even if I do not receive any notification? How do I request for the 737 cash out as a GTBank customer? There lots of question that has been answered. Just click on the FAQs button on the platform.

How To Get Started With GTBank 737

  1. Open your web browser and enter on your web browser at the top section for URL.
  2. Click on the get started icon after you have skipped the video.
  3. You have to start by opening an account.

All the information needed to setup your account are all in this that opens when you click on get started. You don’t to walk into any GTBank to get account opening form for opening an account.

In other to open an account you have to dial *737*0# on your mobile phone and follow the instructions. Once you have successfully completed the process an account your account number we be sent to you via SMS. You can also make use of your mobile number to be your account. But you need to visit any GTBank or GTExpress outlet.