Google Webstore – How to Access Google Web Store | Chrome Web Store

How does the Google webstore work or how can I use the Google web store? Google webstore is also similar to the chrome web store because they both share the same server. The Google web browser is more like a store marketplace much like the Mobile android Play Store. It also has features with some attribute of the app, themes, and some other extension that runs through the chrome browser. This serves is more useful for users with Chrome books, which will serve as a third-party app is limited. How to access Google Web Store requires Google Chrome on the PC or Windows.

Google Webstore - How to Access Google Web Store | Chrome Web Store

This operation is easy to access and it’s also safe to use to get your App, themes, and other extensions. However, the Google webstore allows you as a programmer to publish your App, themes, and the game either it’s in free form or Paid form. You may be wondering how or where you will find your download app from. You don’t have to worry about yourself once you create a new window or tab all your download applications will have been install for you to see as an icon alongside the Store icon.

Google Chrome Categories | Features

On the contrary, the chrome web store Mobil also has its features and categories which will help you easily find items to download from a different section. Here are the categories listed:

  • Recommended for you
  • Blogging
  • By Google
  • Developer tools
  • Accessibility
  • Fun
  • News & weather
  • Photo
  • Productivities
  • Search tools
  • Sports
  • Social & communication
  • Shopping
  • Extension
  • themes

Features in Google Webstore

  • Give you access to Run offline
  • Produces by Google
  • It’s Free
  • It’s also available for Mobile Android
  • While it’s also working together with Google drive
  • It gives you access to rate an application

With this listed, you will be able to know things that are inside the Google chrome webstore. Using these categories help you easily locate your file from its section to install inside your pc system.

How to Access the Google Chrome Web Store

Accessing the site is very easy and simple to use. However, for Android Mobi users who have once access their play store, this process is also similar to it. All you need to follow the instruction given to you below this article.

  • Lunch your Chrome web browser.
  • Enter the URL on your new tab
  • You will be directed immediately to the official page of the site.
  • Make use of the categories to find your App.
  • However, you can also make use of the search located at the top of the page.
  • Click on your file and tap on Add to chrome to install into your devices.

Now that you have successfully completed the downloading, tap on the new tab to view the app you just added to your devices. Can you see how easy it was? Only once you can follow the steps and guidelines given to you.