How do I sign up for a Google Mail account or Gmail account? Which is the Google Mail Sign Up process. On the contrary, there is only one way you can open a Gmail account inbox and that’s through the Gmail or Google mail sign up. The full abbreviation of the Gmail means Google mail and you can decide to call it either the Gmail or Google Mail which actually leads us to the definition of Gmail or Google Mail. In the meantime, Gmail or Google Mail is apparently a free email services provider that’s developed by Google.

Google Mail Sign Up - Google Mail Account Sign Up

Furthermore, the Google mail sign up is a registration process where you get to fill out some required detail to create a Gmail account. For those who already have completed the Google Mail Sign Up process and now have an account. The same application is required and above all, it’s free. Like I already stated above, you can create or sign up for a free email account through the Gmail sign up portal. Learn how to set up a new email account on Google email service provider.

How do you Sign up for a Google Mail Account

First of all, Google Mail Sign Up get you acquainted to Gmail email sign up for mail address. However, some of the basic require includes your personal detail and also providing a well secure phone number in other to receive the verification code. Here’s the step on how to sign up for a Google email account:

  • Simply go to the website
  • Then, click Create account and select either for you or to manage my business.
  • Afterward, you can enter your First name and Last name.
  • Then, create your email address by using the format such as letters, numbers & periods
  • Next, create a strong password of mix letters, numbers, and characters.
  • Again, you can confirm the password and click Next.

Lastly on the gmail sign up for email account, you need to enter your phone number and also select your country code. However, Google will send you a certain unique verification code where you can verify your google email sign up an account. Simply, enter the code, and after that, you can set up your personal details that include your birth date, gender and also add a recovery email address.

How Can I Manage my Gmail Email Account?

On the contrary, after setting up your Gmail email account, Google provides you with want they called the “Gmail App” on the mobile phone. Installing the Gmail app gives you access to your email and account settings anywhere, anytime. Right on the mobile phone, you can send and receive emails, create tasks, manage your emails and lots more.

To install the Gmail app:

  • Make use of the very popular app store which is Google Play Store and iOS app store.
  • Search for the Gmail app using the integrated search engine.
  • Click on Install or Get.

To sign in the Gmail App

  • Open the Gmail app to launch the app on your home screen.
  • Then, Enter your email address and password.
  • Lastly, click Sign in.

Right from the mobile app, you can get connected to your email account when you need to access your email account or when you’re far from the PC. Also, you can link another email account like Outlook, Hotmail, and more. All on the Gmail app to manage multiple email accounts.