Google Forms Survey – How to Create a Survey in Google Forms | Google Survey

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Google forms are one of the best Google tools that allow the user to create a survey quiz that contains as many questions you want to ask in a form. However, Google forms a survey that is mostly used in the School and office. This is a means of creating a form to set online exams. Also, it contains a lot of free features which could consist of planning an even and getting anonymous answers to though questions. The platform is known for tons of useful things in creating a quiz for office or school use.

Google Forms Survey - How to Create a Survey in Google Forms | Google Survey

Google forms survey could be saved to Google spreadsheet which will be in a separate format over the platform and you get it anytime. However, with the new features, the platform can do everything singly with no other support from any Google services. Google forms surveys work hand in hand with Google sheets which allow users to be able to save on it. Also, the can start creating a survey on the platform after you sign in with your Gmail username and password. With your login to Gmail on your Device. You have access to every other Google services such as YouTube, Google Map, Google Drive.

How to survey with Google forms?

The platform allows every user to have a quick survey on their quiz and forms which is very easy and simple on the official website. However, Google forms a survey that doesn’t have a mobile app that you could create a form from. But you can access the official website on your mobile phone or computer to start a survey form or quiz for free. Here are a few steps on how to make a Google survey form;

  • Go to  and login to your Google account.
  • Then click new and more than Google forms.
  • On the next page click the arrow to the right of the Google forms to choose a blank form. Or creating a form from a template. Click from a template to create a survey from a template.
  • If you find a template you like then click on it to open the template. And set a default theme for your Google forms survey.

Are Google forms surveys free?

Google forms are completely free even with the designs you create and the numbers of questions or amounts of responses you get. However, you can create as many surveys as you like and save them all on Google spreadsheets. To turn them into templates to use again. Also, you can create your survey from scratch without a template.

After creating your Google forms, you have the benefit to embed your survey into your website or share it on another social media platform. However, you can define other survey settings according to your needs by using the settings screen. For wither the questions or responses tab.