Google Forms Quiz – Online Forms by Google

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Are you a school teacher or feel like setting some quiz test for your friends the Google forms is the best platform for you to create one. However, Google forms Quiz are mostly used in school and also organizations that are used to allow your employees to understand team protocol. Also, the platform is a very cool website that allows you to create a fun quiz for friends and family which you could grade. Sometimes an organization creates a quiz with the platform to test their new employees’ knowledge and the employee’s intelligence with software solutions.

Google Forms Quiz - Online Forms by Google

Google forms quiz is a platform that allows you to create your own custom free self-grading quiz very fast and free. However, Google forms work hand in hand with other Google tools such as google docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. After creating a form or quiz on the platform you get to save them on the Google sheet. With the format of the form all in a separate sheet. Also, with Google adding more features to the platform which users can use different templates. And gain access to all your forms in one Drive. Google forms is a full-featured free tool which you can gain access with your Gmail address username and password.

How do I Create a quiz in Google Forms

Creating a quiz on the platform is very easy and simple which might be a bit not less friendly for the first-timer. But after your first quiz creation, then you will get familiar. However, you can create a form and customize the quiz form with a simple photo or color theme. Also, after creating your quiz form you can save them to a Google sheets spreadsheet for free. Here are a few steps on how to create a Quiz in Google forms;

  • Login to Google forms the official website. In Google forms click on the plus icon and wait.
  • At the top right corner click on settings then click on quizzes.
  • Then make this a quiz with an optional to collect email addresses. Click general and collect the email address.
  • And click save when you are done.

How to Grade Individual Responses on The Quiz

When a user creates a quiz and collects the email address of users answering the quiz you can assign points. And leave feedback on individual responses. However, after you grade each response and save changes on the Google spreadsheet. Which you could access all other Google services such as Google Drive, YouTube, and Gmail. Here are a few steps on how to grade individual responses Google forms quiz;

  • At the Google form platform open a quiz you have created.
  • At the top, click on responses to move and move in between responses.
  • Then click on Previous or Next to view through responses. And find questions you want to grade and give each point the response earned and click add feedback.
  • Enter your feedback and click save, to save changes at the bottom and click save.

Google forms app is not available on any app store but you can still access the platform and create a quiz any time you want. However, you could access the platform only on the official website via mobile phones or computers.