Google Forms: How to Create Google Form

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Google forms is one of the internet’s most versatile tools that is available in the Google Drive Office suite among others. However, the platform features to collaborate and share documents found in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Also, it a tool that collects information from its users through a quiz or survey which is then processed to a spreadsheet. Google forms is a tool user can easily use to gather their information. Which will only take a few minutes to make one Google form for free. This article is to educate readers on how to Create Google form and whats been needed to setup.

Google Forms: How to Create Google Form

Google forms is part of the Google Online tools that help users to get work more than one computer and mobile phone for free. However, the platform works hand in hand with the Google sheets which save data directly from Google form to spreadsheet. Also, when you need to gather a particular data for your spreadsheets then Google form is at your service for free. Formerly the platform as a format in separate sheets and forms in another sheet. Which was basic but will get your job done fast. With a yearly update from Google, more features were available on the platform which makes it a lot more comfortable and easier to get job done.

How Do I Create Google Form

You can create a Google Form from the Google form app which is very easy and simple might look so advanced for the first-timer. However, after your first time creating a Google form you get used to it and could create more forms in the future. Also, you can create and manage forms at the google page. With templates and quick access to all your forms in one place. Here are a few steps on how to create a Google form;

  • Go to and log in to your Google account.
  • You can choose either a template or start blank. Then the forms editor your form fills the center of your home screen.
  • Next include the 12 field types with 9 question types along with text, photo, and video fields. Just click the + icon in the right sidebar to add a new question. Or click the text, photo or video icons to add media to your form.
  • Give your Google form a nice Tittle and description. And design your Google form.
  • Then finally save the form in a spreadsheet.

Are Google Forms free?

The platform is a full well-upgrade feature forms tool that comes free with your Google account. However, users have the opportunity to add standard question types, drag, and drop questions in the arrangement they want. Also, you can customize the form with simple photo or color themes and enough responses in forms. Or rather save your Google forms on Google sheets because they work hand in hand.

Users can get notifications whenever the form is fill out or when specific entries are add to your form. However, for a more customized way to save your Google form Zapier can show you more entries to multiple spreadsheets.