How can I create or sign up for a Gmail email account? Without denying the fact, it’s actually a privilege to have a Gmail email account. Based on the fact that it provides access to both Google services and non-Google services. In other words, the Gmail email account is apparently the most requested email account when signing up or register for a service on the internet. The Gmail sign up for email account is a term the refers to the process of signing up for a new email account.

Gmail Sign Up for Email Account - Create your Google Account
Gmail Sign Up for Email Account – Create your Google Account

Gmail is actually the biggest name in the line of email service providers. Where you can get various emailing features such as 15 GB storage and 25MB attachment. It also allows you to customize your folder where you can storage all respective emails. However, the process of signing up for a Gmail account is free, except you want to join the business plan. The requirement to create or sign up for a new Google Mail account includes information about yourself and also a working phone number.

How to Set Up a New Google Email Account | Gmail sign up Email Account

One of the easiest procedures of the Gmail account or the Google account is the set-up of a new Gmail account and signing into your email account. However, you can start by filling out the necessary data you need to provide to create your email account.

To Sign up for a New Google Account

  • On your desktop computer or mobile phone web browser.
  • Go to the official website after connecting to a secure network.
  • This will open the sign in page, just click on Create account.
  • On the creation page, fill out the detail to create your email account.
  • Next, verify the creation of your email account with the code sent to your mobile phone.

In addition, after the verification of your Gmail email account. You can set up your profile, by adding your date of birth, country, time zone, and others. That’s how you can sign up for a new Google account on the web. Keep in mind the same application of signing up can also be used on the mobile app.

Signing in to you Google Mail Account

Now that you’ve created your account, by default you will be automatically logged in to your email account without signing in. Signing out of your email account is necessary for the security and protection of your email account. Therefore, to sign in back your email account, use the following steps:

  • Click on the link above which that directs you to the sign-in page.
  • Then, enter your username or email address on the textbox.
  • Next is your account password and click Sign in.

For those that have no idea out the step to sign out of their Gmail account, you can click the profile icon at the top right corner and click Sign out. The final step is the remove your email address or account by clicking Remove and it will be completed sign out that computer.